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What is the Agworld platform?

The Agworld platform allows all users to collect data at every level of their operation and enables them to share this data with anyone that matters to them. In practice, this means that growers, farm hands, agronomists, input providers, contractors, banks, accountants, land owners and many other stakeholders are able to all work together on the same set of data. Everyone can collect new data and access all other data they have been given access to.

Agworld Farm Management Software customers: Luke Adams, Scott Freiburger in the field, Timm Adams Farms. Making informed decisions by using Agworld.

How does this help Agworld users?

Because of our platform and its unique structured data system, Agworld offers its users unparalleled insights that empower them to make more profitable decisions than if they did not use Agworld.
Agworld is aligned with growers and their stakeholders. As an independent and privately owned company that does not sell your data or use your data to sell you inputs or other goods and services, your data is safe with us.

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These are some of the benefits that our users are experiencing.

“With Agworld I have more visibility in what my agronomist is doing and my bank has more confidence in what I am doing as they see that I can produce what I plan; everyone wins!"

Rolf Malmo
Tronder Pastoral

“Because we use Agworld, everyone knows what is getting planted where and at what rate, which makes us more efficient and eliminates problems."

Chad Gargas
RCR Partnership

“With Agworld, everyone has the exact specs of the jobs and this really eliminates the opportunity for inaccuracies to be introduced through the chain of communication."

Ruaan Du Plessis
IK Caldwell

“Agworld helps us make sure that we never get behind on where we needed to be on execution."

Luke Adams
Timm Adams Farms

"Agworld improves my lifestyle, it gets me out of the office. That’s a big one for me.”

Steve McVeigh
McVeigh Ag

“Agworld helps us make sure we remain profitable by accurately tracking everything we do in the field."

Ang Borzillo
Gillieston Fresh Produce

“Agworld allows us to collect data from all different participants in the nutrient-application workflow and accurately report on it."

Andrew Gladden
Luckey Farmers Inc.

“Through Agworld, we are sure that our people always have access to correct and complete information when doing a job."

Junior Loza
Loza Farms

“Having observations available in Agworld really makes every operation a lot more efficient."

Andrew Bell
IK Caldwell

"Agworld not only makes us better at what we are doing right now, but it will also help the next generation as well.”

Jamie Reamer
Reamer Farms

“During the season I can now see in Agworld how our profitability is tracking by putting in expected yield, and a rough market price of the grapes.”

James Aubrey
Jansz Parish Vineyard

"Offering value-adding services like Agworld also helps us keep competition from price-focused (online) suppliers at bay.”

Connor Lankford
Valley Agronomics

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