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Budgeting & Reporting Case Study

Creating visibility through accurate budgets and reports

"Woolf Farming has a very strong focus on the pre-season budgeting process, due to the size and complexity of our operation. For my fertility plans, for example, I am able to basically get my plan sorted in Agworld, print it off, and hand it to the accountant. This plan gives them all the information they need such as a material list, rates, quantities, prices, etc. They can then take it into their system and instantly have all the information available that they need."
Kevin Visser
Woolf Farming, Huron, CA
Agworld customers Jansz Parish Winery, workers inspecting the vines
Financial Planning Case Study

In the modern business of farming, knowing your numbers is critical

"With Agworld, we are able to plan for the upcoming season based on what we did last year, both from a cashflow and input perspective. I use the planning report to calculate product requirements and get quotes from suppliers. The more accurate the planning reports are, the better my buying power; by using last year’s actuals and farm performance report, I can really be quite accurate. The same goes for our accounts department, when they want to know what our labour and therefore cash flow requirements are I can give them a detailed overview of what we are planning to do."
James Aubrey
Jansz Parish Vineyard, Penna, TAS
Agworld customers Coleman Ag, growing hops in Oregon
Agronomic Planning Case Study

Get the most out of every acre this year and for many seasons to come

"Agworld is a tremendous resource for our crop teams. The data it provides enables our crop teams to plan thoughtfully and make wiser decisions."
Liz Coleman
Coleman Ag, Willamette Valley, OR

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