Get even more out of your Agworld account by connecting with one of our integration partners

Agworld Machinery Integrations, John Deere tractor in the field, spraying crops

Machinery Integrations

Automate your data collection

Say goodbye to thumb drives, file transfers and manual record keeping.

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Agworld product screenshot, SVI satelite field view

Satellite Imagery Partners

Keep a close eye on how the season is progressing and respond to issues early

SVI is derived from data collected by the two Sentinel-2 satellites which were launched in 2015 (2A) and 2017 (2B) by the Copernicus earth observation program.

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Agworld client: Andrew Gladden from Luckey Farmers using Agworld from his desk.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Keep your field staff and back office connected

Designed for ag-retail, our ERP integrations automate the flow of data from sales to custom-application and billing.

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Seedling growth. Agworld, creating a powerful link between production plans and financial outcomes

Farm Accounting and Financial

A powerful link between Agworld production plans and your financial outcomes

Sync Agworld Field Plans with Figured to automatically update your P&L, cashflow and balance sheet forecast within Figured and their Xero integration

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Automated sampling collector, Ceres Farm quad vehicle

Testing Laboratories

Streamline your sampling workflow

Send your samples to one of our integrated labs to submit and receive your results automatically in Agworld.

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