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Modern Farm Management, that works where you do

Modern farm management, that works where you do

farm software

Easy to use on mobile devices & computer

Agworld is easy to use and accessible wherever you are: at the office, in the field or on the go.

Offline Access

Our apps work offline, so you can always be online. No signal? No problem! Just sync your activities when you get back into range.

Cloud based storage

Your farm data is stored in the cloud, which allows you to access your account from any computer or iPad/iPhone.

Stay in sync with your advisor

farm software

Connect with your agronomist

Agworld has been designed to keep you and your advisors on the same page - everyone can see any updates or changes in real time

Work from a production plan

Agworld gives you clarity on your agronomic and financial plan for the season with all your product, operational and financial requirements included in an easy to understand format.

Get notified of in-season recommendations

Your agronomist can deliver their pesticide and nutrition recommendations straight into your account, where you can access them immediately.

Convert plans or recommendations into farm records

Your plans and recommendations can be converted into actuals, with accurate, reportable, reliable information. You can also easily look back to compare your planned vs. actual product usage and cost of production.

Review farm performance collaboratively

You and your advisors can easily access and report on your production data in Agworld to help understand what is happening in your fields.

Get your whole team moving in the right direction

farm software

Real-time information sharing with your whole team

Get updated immediately if you have new recommendations from your advisor or, your staff have completed jobs.

Multi-user functionality

Set up your whole team with personalised accounts to ensure everyone can see exactly what they need in order to get their job done.

Assign jobs to your operators

Make it easy for your staff to see only the jobs they need to complete - rather than having to search through a long list of jobs.

Capture a record of everything important that happens on your fields.

farm software

Seeding records

It’s quick and easy to record accurate seeding rates, dates, locations and machinery setup information for your fields.

Field Observations

Keep track of your pest and problems with observations in Agworld. You can link these to your application information to easily relate your actuals to specific target problems.

Field Applications and Operations

From spraying to fertiliser applications, Agworld makes accurate, compliant record keeping simple. Your data is also easy to report on so you can track the effectiveness of your applications.

Harvest Records

Round out your season with harvest data in Agworld to show you your cost of production and agronomic performance. This data is reportable year on year to help you benchmark your seasons.

Rainfall Records

Geospatial rainfall records linked back to each of your fields. Simply tap on a field to enter in your rainfall data

Operator and Machinery tracking

Assign specific operators and machinery to your Agworld actuals to help you keep track of who and what is where.

Simple tools to improve the speed and quality of your agronomic data

farm software

Capture Photos

Add photos to your jobs in Agworld so that everyone can see any problems or important information.

Map Annotations

Use map annotations on your jobs to record the exact application area, or to feature specific areas on your farm such as patches of weeds, pests or diseases.

Tank Mix Calculator

Put down the calculator… you can click on 1 button in Agworld to get the exact mixing requirements for your recommendations or work orders.

Product library of Labels and SDS sheets

Agworld’s product library gives you offline access to critical product label and safety information. This is all managed for you, you don’t need to upload or manually save any product labels, safety data sheets or active ingredient information.

Fast accurate data capture

We’ve timed it. You can record accurate, reportable farm records in a fraction of the time it takes to write the same information on paper or enter into a desktop farm management system.

Recent tank mixes

Templates to make it easier to enter in jobs you’re doing regularly. Save time entering the same data again and again but simply clicking ‘use recent mix’.

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