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There’s a better way for your team to work together

For Precision Specialists

Stop treating your controller file hand-off like a relay race

Offering precision services to your clients is a specialist service that demands attention to detail. Each field requires a lot of planning and coordination, let alone hundreds of fields. It’s no wonder this can turn into a logistical nightmare. Agworld connects the entire process into a seamless workflow so that you can focus on the getting the best performance from every acre.

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“Because the Agworld platform has taken over a lot of the routine and time-consuming tasks, we are now able to focus more on those acres that show high variability and help our growers achieve gains on those fields as well.”
Matt Clark, Ag Data Manager
Ceres Solutions
For Agronomists

Spend more time servicing your clients, less time chasing your tail

As the trusted advisor to your growers, your personal reputation is everything. You’ve built the relationship, given the best advice and now it’s up to the rest of your team get the job done. Yet when the season gets busy, things can start to slip, resulting in costly mistakes. Agworld gives you, your team and your client's full transparency of what needs to be done, when.

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“By having all our maps and jobs available in Agworld, we are achieving significant efficiencies. Our applicators and contractors straight away head to the right field and can start with the job while we can have peace of mind that the job gets done correctly. The efficiency is just huge and it directly impacts customer service.”
Scott Freiburger, agronomist & plant manager
Valley Agronomics
For Schedulers

Assign, order and prioritise your incoming jobs

Staying on top of your game is hard when the plan is spread across multiple whiteboards, spreadsheets, triplicate copies, desktop software and usb thumb drives. In Agworld, you have a live feed of work orders as they are created in field and can easily assign, order and prioritise jobs for your applicators, drivers and machines. No more text, email or call strings to keep your applicators in sync.

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For Applicators

Everything you need at your fingertips

Having oversight over what needs to be done when and where, is crucial when delivering inputs or applying them to fields. Agworld shows you exactly the information that you need, when you need it. Receive live updates from your schedulers and anyone else that is connected on Agworld so you always know where you’re off to next.

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For Accounts Teams

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When it comes to accounting, details are crucial. Having to combine data from multiple sources, sent to you via different modes of communication, complicates matters and increases the chance of mistakes happening. In Agworld, all stakeholders enter their data on the same platform and you can access it with full visibility and in real time. And the best part? It’s fully integrated with most major ERP systems. Take Agworld’s solution to the next level by integrating your Agworld Jobs directly into your billing system.

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For Your Growers

Service is key to earning the title of trusted advisor

When retailers organise the distribution and application of inputs for their growers, visibility for the grower is important. By having your grower as part of the process, you can distinguish yourself from other ‘input providers’ and instead be seen as ‘trusted advisor’. Your grower will know exactly when he can expect a job to be completed and thus ensure that everything is ready for the drivers and applicators to do their job. When you make growers part of your process, you make them part of your team.

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“Closing the loop with our grower members is our ultimate goal. This involves assisting them in as many aspects of their business as we can from scheduling crop inputs to predicting crop outputs. The only way to do this is to become their trusted advisor and partner; Agworld is indispensable in this process.”
Jon Brabec, Marketing Manager
Frontier Coop