06 May 2019

Agworld and KCoe Isom strengthen market driven solutions

Agworld and KCoe Isom have worked together closely over the last 15 months to develop a more comprehensive solution for the management, planning, operations and financial tracking of grower enterprises. To date, both companies have seen very strong interest from growers and other market parties and have resolved to strengthen their market driven solutions.

As part of that ongoing commitment, and to further improve the joint service offering, Agworld co-founder Matt Powell will leave Agworld to join KCoe Isom. He will assume a new role as KCoe Isom’s Global Innovation Leader, leading the firm’s global digital and process transformations and expanding enterprise development for both entities.

Matt Powell: “I see the collaboration between Agworld and KCoe Isom as key to the development of not only these businesses, but also their clients’ businesses. When Agworld and KCoe Isom started to offer joint services to grower enterprises, the potential multiplier effect for growers became obvious very quickly. I look forward to contributing to this process even more as part of the KCoe Isom team.”

With the collaboration between both companies, growers across the United States benefit from the integration of the world’s premier farm management platform with the US’s leading agricultural consulting and accounting organisation. By having financial advisors able to collaborate with growers on their farm data from planning and budgeting all the way through to postseason analysis, growers are able to improve their crop management decisions and ultimately their profitability.

Agworld and KCoe Isom strengthen market driven solutions

KCoe Isom CEO Jeff Wald: “We look forward to working with Matt to offer each of our food and agriculture clients the highest possible level of technology innovation and integration, in addition to comprehensive consulting for every stage of business growth. I have no doubt that Matt's new role will strengthen combined Agworld-KCoe Isom market driven solutions and continue to build the relationship between our companies, in addition to exploring other global technology and service opportunities for KCoe Isom."

Agworld CEO Doug Fitch: “Although this move is due to the partnership between the two companies, I want acknowledge that Matt's time at Agworld has been instrumental to its success thus far, and we all wish Matt the very best in his new role at KCoe Isom. I am convinced that having Matt, with his experience and knowledge, join KCoe Isom in a leadership role will be pivotal to the future success of the strategic digital projects division of KCoe Isom, as well as to Agworld as their strategic partner.”

About Agworld: Founded in 2009, Agworld is a global leader in collaborative farm management, enabling farmers, advisors and third parties to work together as one on a single platform. Agworld’s industry-leading standardized database makes it quick and easy to create accurate, reportable farm data. With over 50 000 farms and more than 28 000 users across five countries, Agworld has the experience, capacity and market presence to support the delivery of innovation to farmers, agronomists and those who serve them. Visit www.agworld.com

About KCoe Isom: KCoe Isom leads as consultants and CPAs in the food and agriculture industry—services constituting more than two-thirds of the firm’s business. The firm is embedded throughout the U.S. food-supply chain—from policy to plate—working with producers, input suppliers, processors, packagers, distributors, biofuel manufacturers, equipment dealerships, landowners, lenders, and many agencies and policy organizations that support the industry. KCoe Isom serves domestic and international clientele from eight states, spanning coast-to-coast offices. Visit www.kcoe.com

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