Electronic CalAg Compliance Submissions

Agworld’s CalAg integration allows you to automatically submit your NOIs and PURs to CalAg, without any additional data entry. Save time and data entry by connecting your CalAg permit into Agworld.

Notice of intent (NOI)
A Notice of Intent can be submitted through Agworld by checking a single button when creating your recommendations. These are all submitted electronically; there’s no additional paperwork for you.
Product Usage Reports (PUR)
Actuals created in Agworld can be submitted as Product Usage Reports to CalAg.


Streamline your sampling workflow. Send your samples to one of our integrated labs to submit and receive your results automatically in Agworld.

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Agworld’s precision integrations give you access to your precision data where you need it. Our precision partners are world leaders in providing precision software and decision support tools. You can be more confident in your decisions and improve your communication with your clients by having all of your data in one place.

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Precision Cropping Technologies started in 2001 and has developed many industry firsts in the space of precision agriculture. With a focus on solutions that help growers and agronomists make better decisions, PCT works with a wide range of geospatial data in every agricultural industry. Field information can flow from your Agworld account to your PCT Agcloud account and data layers from your PCT Agcloud account can imported into your Agworld account.

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Satamap, part of Precision Cropping Technologies, is a web-based platform for viewing and analyzing satellite imagery and is available anywhere in the world. Satamap is designed for farmers, consultants and other professionals that want to excel at decision making in any agricultural industry. You can view Satamap imagery in Agworld to make ground truthing easy, simply click on the SVI button on the bottom right of your Agworld maps page on the website or our iOS apps to download the latest imagery.

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Using the power of on-farm trials to improve fertilizer decisions.

Laconik enables growers and their advisers to easily conduct on-farm trials. The trials are scientifically valid, easy to design and hassle free to implement, harvest and analyze. Use Laconik and start measuring financial returns from fertilizer.

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