15 August 2020

Agworld Australia team expansion

Agworld Australia team expansion

Agworld continues to see exponential growth in its Australian and New Zealand markets, and has therefore recently expanded its Perth, WA based team to maintain the industry-leading service level to this growing client base. Ruth Turner, Tamzen McAlpine and Raechel Farrell have all joined the customer success & support team, and will be instrumental in ensuring that users continue to take maximum advantage of all the Agworld Platform’s features.

Agworld staff, Ruth Turner

Ruth Turner

Ruth Turner joins Agworld with a wealth of experience in agricultural software, having worked for Agrimaster for the past 18 years in supporting their ‘Agrimaster’ and ‘Wage Easy’ software offerings. After finishing university as a qualified librarian, Ruth worked in the department of agriculture’s library in Perth for a few years where she got tasked with digitising ‘farm notes’ in the early 2000’s. The combination of agriculture and technology had a lot of appeal and this has been Ruth’s career ever since. Ruth’s role within Agworld will focus on inbound and outbound support as well as offering a variety of training programs through webinars and other means.

Ruth: “I’m really looking forward to meeting Agworld’s customers as there is such a large and diverse group of growers and agronomists to get to know. In my experience, a lot of people only use certain parts of software packages they have access to, and I’m passionate about helping them get more out of their software. By providing support and training Agworld users on parts of the Agworld platform they might not be very familiar with yet, I hope to contribute to making their lives a little bit easier through our software!”

Agworld staff, Tamzen McAlpine

Tamzen McAlpine

Tamzen McAlpine is a wheatbelt, Western Australian native, where her whole family is involved in agriculture. With a father that farms, a brother that is an agronomist and a veterinarian sister, agriculture has always played a big role in Tamzen’s life. A qualified petroleum geologist, Tamzen worked in the oil and gas industry for 7 years before returning to her roots and joining the agricultural industry in early 2020. Tamzen joins Agworld’s customer success team with a focus on outbound engagement.

Tamzen: “Instead of waiting for Agworld users to contact the support team for help with certain features or issues, I’m passionate about pro-actively engaging them with training sessions, webinars, help articles etc. I want to make sure that every Agworld user is getting the best possible value for money. Having grown up on a farm, I know how critical the insights that Agworld provides are, as they assist growers with making better decisions and can help with succession planning for example.”

Agworld staff, Raechel Farrell

Raechel Farrell

Raechel Farrell grew up in the Perth metropolitan area and gained a Bachelor's degree in Animal Health and Animal Science while working as accounts administrator on offshore pipeline projects for the past 12 years. Agronomy, soil biochemistry and ag economics formed part of Raechel’s curriculum, which sparked her interest in cropping. The combination of an interest in cropping and experience in accounts administration forms the perfect basis for Raechel to join Agworld in a customer success and support role.

Raechel: “I focus a lot of my time on the renewal administration side of Agworld in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. With Agworld enjoying exponential growth, we do also get an exponential increase in growers and agronomists that need to renew their subscription each year. I work with the whole spectrum of Agworld users and, when talking to them about renewing their Agworld subscription for the next 12 months, make sure they are aware of all of Agworld’s features and the complimentary training, webinars etc. that we offer. The longer someone utilises the Agworld platform, the more data they have to analyse and use for their decision making processes; it’s really cool to talk to long term Agworld users and see how much benefit they’re deriving from using Agworld for a long period of time already.”

Agworld Head of Customer Success in Australia / New Zealand / South Africa Ashley McConnell welcomes Ruth, Tamzen and Raechel and is excited to see the increased strength of the customer success team: “Agworld is renowned in the industry for its service level, and will make sure it stays that way. By having Ruth, Tamzen and Raechel join our team, we have enough capacity available to deploy new training and customer care initiatives as well as handle the increased workload through the constant expansion of our customer base. Please join me in welcoming Ruth, Tamzen and Raechel to the Agworld family next time you call our office for help and support!”

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