01 August 2019

Agworld expands team to support growth

Agworld expaning team, Emily Mertes and Jayme Coleman

Agworld has seen significant growth in its global customer base over the last 12 months, especially in the USA. In order to support this growth, Agworld has recently hired a number of staff locally in Colorado to bolster the team and ensure Agworld remains the Farm Management Platform with the best customer service in the business. Emily Mertes and Jayme Coleman joined the Agworld Customer Success team in March of this year and most of our clients will already have relied on them for technical support and other matters.

Emily Mertes

Emily Mertes , hailing from Blacksburg, VA, attended Virginia Tech where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics. Immediately after finishing her degree, she moved to Colorado and joined JBS’s recent graduate program. When Emily found out about Agworld in March 2019, she realized that Agworld would form a better fit with her personal goals and aspirations and joined Agworld’s customer success team. When asked about what she enjoys most about being part of the Agworld team, Emily is very clear: “I’m just learning so much; not just about the software but about farms, how different crops are grown and how to best support the people who are growing those crops.”

“Every day at Agworld is exciting and different; no day is the same. For someone like myself, at the start of my career, having this diversity and endless opportunities to learn is very important. We have quite a few senior people in our office who I can learn a lot from; in return, I’m creating a lot of resources to help our clients be successful with our software. It’s this continual education process and learning how to educate and train people that is very interesting and so rewarding to me.”

“Not too many people get to work for a company that provides a front-row view of the very people that feed the world. Being able to interact with and learn from these people on a daily basis is just great. Ag is so underappreciated in a lot of areas and it is my goal to show everyone how incredible agriculture is and how many great people are involved in it. In the end, our clients don’t just buy our technology, they need support in the adoption of technologies in general, and at Agworld we like to partner in doing that. The more they use our platform, the more they are empowered, as we work together on gearing up for the future, helping them unlock insights using their data. So, what we’re really doing at Agworld is helping America’s farmers improve their production and profitability; and I love being a part of that.

Jayme Coleman

Jayme Coleman, a Colorado native, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Colorado State University and a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Arizona State University. Jayme spent the first 13 years of her career working with mentally ill prisoners and supporting other start-up type programs for severe mental illness. In 2012, Jayme decided to change her career and joined GTRI, a network equipment and professional services provider. After 5 years with GTRI, Jayme and her husband travelled around the world and the USA for 18 months, exploring many interesting countries and places while volunteering in various settings.

Once Jayme got settled back in Colorado, she was set on pursuing her dream of working in agriculture. Having worked with LeeAnn (Murphy, Agworld VP of Operations) at GTRI previously, Jayme found out about Agworld and how it would allow her to combine her passion for agriculture and her knowledge of technology – not long after, Jayme joined Agworld. Jayme: “Within Agworld, I’m focused on customer support, adoption and sales. Although these are three separate roles, they’re all very much commingled with each other at a certain level. I not only help our users with questions, problems or just navigating the software but also proactively engage them with what they might need assistance with.”

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“What I love about my job is that it allows me to learn more about where our food comes from and the hard work and dedication of America’s farmers and agronomist. I am also really passionate about some of the newer and more innovative crops that our growers cultivate, like hemp for example. I look forward to helping these growers produce the best crops possible with Agworld’s digital solutions; there are a lot of dedicated growers out there that are exploring new crops and growing methods, and I want to help them as much as I can from a software perspective.”

Agworld VP of Operations LeeAnn Murphy welcomes both Emily and Jayme and is excited to have them as part of the customer success team. LeeAnn: “Both Emily and Jayme offer a unique skill set and their level of enthusiasm brings great energy to the team. With Agworld being a very successful SaaS (Software as a Service) business, the ability to scale our product quickly is very important. The hardest part of our business to scale is the team, as it is not easy to find the right individuals that you know will be successful within the organization. With Emily and Jayme, we’re very fortunate that we’ve found the right people and I have already received a lot of feedback from our clients who have confirmed this and expressed their delight with our recent team-expansion. Please join me in welcoming Emily and Jayme!”

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