14 August 2019

Agworld expands US team capacity

New Agworld Staff, Collin Scheer and Adam Jungwirth

With the continued demand rising for access to Agworld Platform, which covers well over 130 million managed acres, and a continued desire to remain number one in customer service, Agworld continues to recruit more top talent and expand the global success and support teams. In recent months, Collin Scheer and Adam Jungwirth have both joined Agworld, based in the Fort Collins, Colorado office.

Collin Scheer

Collin Scheer, hailing from Garden City, KS, joins his brother Ryan Scheer at Agworld in the capacity of Customer Service Representative and Marketing Coordinator USA. Collin grew up in Colorado Springs, CO and graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in health and exercise science while also competing in track and field. After graduation, Collin joined local Fort Collins marketing solutions provider Madwire as project manager until he joined Agworld in June of this year: “I knew about Agworld via my brother Ryan and really identify with the vision and purpose of Agworld.”

“Agworld is very employee centric and customer focused; everything is based around serving our clients and helping our colleagues, which is a mindset that I really enjoy. Right now I spend approximately half my time coordinating Agworld’s marketing activities in the USA and the other half helping our clients as part of the customer success team. I come from a long line of growers; my dad, grandfather and prior generations were all farmers and I’m very passionate about being part of the same great industry. I look forward to learning as much as possible about the Agworld platform and our clients’ needs so I can continue to add value wherever I can.”

Adam Jungwirth

Adam Jungwirth is born and raised in a farming community in rural South Dakota. As part of a farming family, Adam’s passion for agriculture started at a young age and his life has revolved around farming since high school. Adam studied agronomy at South Dakota State University where he first got exposed to precision agriculture. After graduation, Adam first worked as a seed technologist and later as agronomist before joining Agworld in July 2019. “I was looking for an opportunity to become involved in precision agriculture and when I found out about Agworld, I was immediately interested. After speaking to the Agworld USA leadership team I knew I wanted to be part of Agworld and so my wife and I made the move from South Dakota to Colorado.

“I am really interested in precision agriculture and so, within Agworld, I’m mainly focused on assisting clients that use geospatial data layers to improve their precision farming. I am fortunate that, as part of the customer success team, I get exposed to a lot of different parts of Agworld and how our clients utilize the platform to improve their operations. I am able to help growers as well as agronomists streamline their operations and ensure they maximize their profits, which is what I’m really passionate about. I look forward to seeing Agworld becoming even more prolific in this space in the coming months and years, and being part of Agworld’s success story.

Agworld’s President USA Zach Sheely welcomes both Collin and Adam to the team and is excited to see them becoming part of Agworld’s continuing growth: “Agworld is growing at a very rapid rate and so we constantly need new talent to help ensure our service delivery stays on par. We are fortunate that we have been able to add both Collin and Adam to our team and I’m confident that our clients will enjoy working with both.” Agworld Head of Marketing Reinder Prins adds to this: “Agworld supports many grassroots grower and agronomy initiatives all over the USA as a sponsor and in other capacities. Having Collin as part of our marketing team and having him coordinate many of our activities in the USA will really help us continue support all these organisations and initiatives that we are passionate about. I speak to many clients in my role as Head of Marketing and they always tell me how much they appreciate our Customer Success team; it is because we keep adding great talent like Collin and Adam to our team that we’re able to maintain and expand our service level.” Please join us in welcoming Collin and Adam!

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