12 September 2019

Agworld USA team expansion

Agworld team, staff, Ryan Sullivan, Ryan Humpert, Harris Davee
As the demand from both growers, agronomists, as well as ag retailers to join the Agworld Platform, keeps growing, the Agworld US team numbers have recently been bolstered by the hiring of Ryan Sullivan and Ryan Humpert as Senior Sales Executives and Harris Davee as Strategic Financial Analyst. Agworld, one of the largest independent Farm Management Platforms in the world, counts the United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa among its main markets and is heavily in demand by those agricultural professionals that are looking for an independently owned platform where they can retain data ownership whilst enjoying the benefits of powerful integrations with other platforms.
Agworld Customer Support team, US office

Ryan Sullivan

Ryan Sullivan is a Hastings, NE native who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Hastings College. After working in education initially, Ryan made a switch to the agricultural industry in 2009, working both as a financial advisor in the insurance industry as well as an investment officer for Adams County Bank for a number of years. Ryan has worked in the Farm Management Software industry since 2018, working for Conservis as Regional Sales Manager before joining Agworld in July of this year. “When I started working in the financial industry, but with a focus on agriculture, I realized I wanted to work in agriculture as I liked working with farmers; their down to earth mentality and straight-shooting approach really appeals to me,” Ryan says.

Ryan, who resides in Nebraska with his wife and two children, will focus on the Midwest region for Agworld. Ryan: “I am passionate about agriculture and the farming community in the Midwest. When I met Doug (Fitch, Agworld CEO) and learned more about Agworld, I knew straight away that I wanted to be part of Agworld team and introduce the Agworld Platform to those growers in the Midwest farming community that aren’t already using it. I feel that growers can benefit a lot from actually utilizing their farm data, especially in times like these when market conditions are quite challenging, and every dollar counts. Agworld is a sponsor of the Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, NE this week and I look forward to meeting you there!”
Agworld Customer Support team, US office

Ryan Humpert

Ryan Humpert grew up in the Central Michigan farming community of St. Charles and attended Central Michigan University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship. After trying his hand in a large corporate organization for a year, Ryan joined Farmlogs in 2016 in a sales role. Ryan most recently worked for Farmlogs as Business Development Manager and Team Leader, before joining Agworld in June of this year. “When I got introduced to Agworld, I was immediately impressed by both the product and the team behind it. It’s really refreshing that the Agworld product has been so well developed from the ground level up and with a very strong focus in a specific direction; this really shows in everything that Agworld is involved in.”

Ryan continues: “There are multiple reasons for why I wanted to join Agworld, and the biggest one is the people that I’m surrounding myself with. I feel that, by joining Agworld, I’m joining a team with passion and values that are aligned with mine. I immediately saw the team spirit at Agworld and how everyone interacted with each other as well as with clients; that to me makes all the difference in an organization.” Ryan, who lives in Ann Arbor Michigan, joins the Agworld team as Senior Sales Executive with a focus on Great Lakes and Midwest area. “Being close to our user base from a geographical perspective will really help us narrow the gap between technology and the farm. Assisting growers in the transition from making decisions based on gut feeling to data-based decisions, is something that I’m really passionate about and something I look forward to succeeding in together with Agworld!”
Agworld Customer Support team, US office

Harris Davee

Harris Davee is born and raised in Austin, TX and attended junior college in Dallas, TX before joining the US Army’s Airborne Infantry. Harris served in the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division for three years as a paratrooper based in Fort Bragg, NC while also completing a tour of Afghanistan. After this, Harris obtained his bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Applied Economics and a master's degree in Agribusiness from Texas Tech University. He then joined JBS as a Business Analyst while also obtaining his master’s degree in Finance from the University of Houston-Clear Lake, before joining Agworld in July of this year as Strategic Financial Analyst. “I kind of backed my way into agriculture actually; initially I wanted to become a veterinarian, but after I took a few economics and ag business courses, I just loved it and decided to focus on business and finance instead.”

Harris, who is based in Agworld’s Colorado office, works with the Agworld Leadership team to streamline internal processes and provide analyses that improve modeling and decision-making processes. “I enjoy being at the forefront of an evolving and changing company like Agworld. It’s an exciting culture that is important to me for personal development and growth here. I’m constantly learning new things that I am able to put into practice immediately and which allow Agworld to serve our customer base even better. In my role, I interact with many different parts of our business, which makes my job very diverse and interesting!”

Agworld President USA Zach Sheely welcomes Ryan, Ryan and Harris to Agworld and is excited to see them develop and grow in their respective roles: “We have seen tremendous growth this year in all our core markets and we are very fortunate that we have been able to add such talented people to our team that will help us maintain our exponential growth pattern. Having two Sales Executives based in the Midwest now will help us handle the large volume of inquiries we are receiving from this area from growers, agronomists as well as ag retailers.” Mike Betts, VP of Business Development, adds to this: “Having Harris join the team is instrumental in helping me and the rest of the Agworld senior leadership team make the best decisions on a daily base by providing us with crystal-clear analyses. 2019 has been a fantastic year for Agworld, but we’re setting ourselves up for an even better 2020 with a great team of motivated and talented individuals.” Please join us in welcoming our new colleagues!

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