06 December 2018

Elders agronomists enlist tech tools to go the extra mile

Twenty-three-year-old Harry Brown began his career as an agronomist at Elders Mildura seven months ago and despite the challenges of extremely low rainfall and tough conditions he says Elders’ innovative programs and tech tools are providing him and his customers with a large range of situation-specific solutions to draw on.

Murrayville-native Harry has always had a strong passion for agriculture and when the opportunity arose to become part of the pink shirted Elders team, he jumped at it.

“Elders is as an extremely well-respected company within the industry, with an appetite for growth and innovation and when I spotted an opening in its Agronomist team, I was sold.

“Being in a position to identify, utilise and advise customers on the latest technology solutions they should be leveraging is absolutely crucial and at Elders, this is ingrained in everything we do.

“Almost all aspects of my job involves technology and I rely heavily on digital tools to complete my everyday work. Many of these tools are used centrally through my iPad, which allows me to provide my clients with key data in real time,” Harry said.

Time spent between the lab and the field is decreasing for agronomists at Elders primarily thanks to farm management software assets such as; Agworld, Decipher and AgIntel.

“I can quickly access soil test results, paddock history and satellite imagery for individual clients as well as enlist the help of my own drone to undertake aerial paddock assessments. The most limiting factor in some areas is phone service. but remote monitoring technology tools such as Trapview are extremely beneficial when working in very rural areas,” he said.

It is technologies such as these that Harry believes set him apart from other agronomists.

This blog was first published by Elders

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