12 April 2020

From Agdata to Business Intelligence

“How can I use my Agdata to its full potential?”, “What do I do with my Agdata after it has been entered into the Agworld platform?” Growers, resellers and agronomists ask me these and many similar questions on a daily basis as Account Manager with Agworld. After going through the effort of accurately entering your in-field, and other, information into Agworld, how can you make sure that you make the most of the results?

The first thing to mention here is that, if you’re looking at turning your Agdata into actionable intelligence to understand the ‘Why”, you’ve chosen the right platform. Agworld is the only platform currently available in the marketplace that is completely based on structured data, which means that this data can easily be reported on. To learn more about why structured data matters for reporting, read this recent article from Agworld CPO Matt Collins.

As a next step in this process, I like to help our growers explore what kind of questions they are trying to solve. Especially those larger farming operations, farms with a corporate structure, and those that create a large number of ‘actuals’ in Agworld each season. These customers tend to look for a more sophisticated solution over and above what is available through the Agworld custom reporting tool. With this group of growers in mind, we created an integration with Microsoft Power BI earlier this year so growers can access a live feed of their Agworld data through turn-key financial and agronomic reports.

The Agworld - Microsoft Power BI integration allows for production and financial data in a farm’s Agworld account to be used by Power BI to create dashboards. Different reporting dashboards can be created per user, so that a manager, owner or board member for example can all only see those dashboards that are pertinent to them. Microsoft Power BI is available on all platforms (IOS, Android, Microsoft and web), so even stakeholders that don’t use Agworld themselves, or even an IOS device, can still access the Agworld data through Power BI dashboards.

For those larger farming operations that operate with multiple farms and lots of individual users in their Agworld account, this company structure gets carried through to Power BI and this gets reflected on dashboards. Because all data in Agworld is structured, the Power BI dashboards can show anything related to costs, crops, pests and products used - as long as this data is already available in your Agworld account.

Once your dashboards have been generated in Power BI, they are automatically updated when new data is entered into Agworld. This process allows you to quickly perform your most important analyses, wherever you are, such as:

  • Performance and Gross Margin analysis
  • Scenario analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Risk analysis

The Power BI dashboards also help you with your operational, input and procurement management by always showing you the most up-to-date information available.

If you have any questions about the Agworld - Microsoft Power BI integration or if you’d like to have a chat about how you could use this integration yourself, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email at charles.dubourg@agworld.com.

Charles DuBourg

Charles DuBourg

Account Manager

Charles DuBourg joined Agworld as Account Manager Eastern States in June 2016. Charles has over 20 years experience in the agricultural sector extending from retail, in-field agronomics and business management. Prior to joining Agworld Charles was heavily involved in ‘decision agriculture’ – providing agronomists and growers with technology based solutions and services to help them make the most informed decisions possible. He holds a Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness) from Monash University.

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