02 December 2020

A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish

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Article first published in Elders Seasons magazine

While most growers are currently focused on harvesting the results of their efforts in the 2020 season, it’s safe to say that their agronomists will already be working on the 2021 season. Being able to start the next season knowing exactly what has to be done where and when is a major advantage in transparency for everyone, and being assured that your agronomist, merchandise manager and other stakeholders in your supply chain are on the same page as you, is critical in avoiding costly delays and other mistakes.

Your Elders agronomist is part of the 85% of Australian agronomists who use Agworld to create their growers’ plans for 2021, which creates significant advantages for you. Agworld is built on the foundational principle that agriculture service delivery should be collaborative, and that the capacity to share data and work together is key for growers and agronomists to succeed. What this means is that your agronomist doesn’t only create the plan for themself, but that it is designed to be shared with you in a number of different forms - printed and preferably digital.

Did you know that you can log into Agworld for free to view your approved plan in detail on an interactive ‘maps page’ and that you’re also able to run planning reports and see the costs associated with the plans for the coming season? The Agworld service desk is able to help you have your Agworld account activated, so that you can retrospectively view all the data your agronomist has entered into Agworld in the past, as well as view the plans for 2021.

While it is good for your agronomist to have your plan available at all times so they can answer your questions and ensure the local Elders branch has all your product needs taken care of, there are significant advantages for growers who have this exact same access. At Agworld, it is our philosophy that 1+1=3 when it comes to digital agriculture; when partners collaborate on a platform like Agworld, their combined results are better than if they all were to do the same thing separately and individually.

If you decide to become an Agworld ‘basic’ user for example, which only costs $1495 per year, you are not only able to view data, but to add to it yourself as well (among many other features). Being able to view, and interact with, your field data helps to become more accurate and avoid costly mistakes; those of us that have ever made a mistake with managing a crop will know that these tend to cost a lot more than $1495!

With Agworld ‘basic’ you are also able to view your agronomists plans and recommendations in-app, and convert the recommendations to ‘actuals’ with a tap of a button, creating instant compliant spray records and field data. Not only does this create the necessary farm records, it also allows your agronomist to see what has happened in each field and when, making it even easier for them to do their job as accurately as possible.

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So, a goal without a plan is just a wish, and it is important for everyone to know the plan at all times to ensure that your goal doesn’t turn into a wish at some point during the season. If you haven’t used Agworld yet, you’ll find that having your Elders agronomist by your side when you start your Agworld journey will make everything a lot easier, and you’ll see immediate value through the data they are already entering for you.

If you want to know more about getting started and accessing your plans in Agworld, and how this helps you achieve your goals, give us a call on 08 6230 2290.

Simon Foley

Simon Foley

General Manager Agworld Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

Simon Foley joined Agworld as General Manager for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in September 2014. Simon has 25 years experience in broadacre grain farming systems extending from in field production agronomics to farm and business management. Prior to joining Agworld, Simon consulted to farm businesses across WA and held senior management roles in a boutique funds management company focussed on agricultural investments. He holds a Agricultural Science (Hons) degree from the University of Western Australia.

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