17 May 2021

Leveraging Machine Data to create Field Records

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In my role as Customer Success Representative / Precision Ag Specialist for Agworld I talk to growers every single day and help them with creating field records (among many other things) on the Agworld Platform. Whether it’s because of regulatory pressure, buyer / processor requirements, or they simply feel the need to plan and budget better, an increasing number of growers see the need to create an accurate set of field records in such a manner that they can be used for a range of other purposes afterwards.

By switching their record keeping from pen and paper or a simple spreadsheet to a cloud-based platform where data gets stored in a standardized way, growers are able to utilize this one centralized set of data for many years to come and for many different purposes. An important factor to consider for many growers when creating field records is how they can make this process as simple, quick and error-free as possible; nobody wants to spend a lot of time creating field records through difficult and elaborate processes, and field records riddled with errors are no good to anyone either! It is for this reason that machine data is becoming more important for growers as it can help them automate part of their record keeping process.

The Agworld Platform has boasted a data driven integration with the John Deere Operations Center for a number of years now for exactly this reason: to let John Deere machine data populate ‘actuals’ on the Agworld platform with application data. Having worked as a John Deere Precision Ag Specialist at a John Deere dealership in Kansas prior to joining Agworld, I am intimately familiar with the power of John Deere equipment and the lead position they have in the agricultural equipment industry when it comes to data-driven solutions. It’s exciting to see more growers every day utilizing this integration, especially now that Agworld has recently expanded the capabilities and features of this integration.

One of these recent upgrades saw Agworld implement an Artificial Intelligence-driven auto-matcher into the Agworld - John Deere integration, which means that users now enjoy a completely new workflow that automatically matches incoming inputs from the John Deere Operations Center to Agworld’s standardized product database. This upgrade offers Agworld users a further increase in data accuracy and time savings with every application imported into Agworld from the John Deere Operations Center. This upgrade also shows that the Agworld - John Deere integration is not a ‘static integration’, but a constantly evolving and improving data connection between two leading agricultural technology providers.

One of the comments I hear most often from growers that have just started to utilize the Agworld - John Deere integration is: “I wish I’d started using this integration a long time ago - it’s so easy to use and helps me to quickly create very accurate records in Agworld!” I understand it might seem daunting to start using these kinds of integrations if you’ve never done so before, but rest assured - it’s easy and very intuitive. And on top of that, support from myself and my colleagues is included in your Agworld subscription, and we’d love to help you get started and assist you in maximizing the benefits you can derive from the data created by your John Deere machinery!

Are you not utilizing the Agworld - John Deere integration yet and are you interested in learning more? Feel free to contact me on ryan.scheer@agworld.com - I’d love to have a chat with you!

Ryan Scheer

Ryan Scheer

Customer Success Representative / Precision Ag Specialist

Ryan Scheer joined Agworld in 2017 after completing the John Deere Ag Technology Program at Garden City Community College and achieving the John Deere Master Service Technician certification while working for American Implement in a variety of technical roles for over 5 years. He also recently completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Technology Leadership at Fort Hays State University. Ryan now forms part of the Customer Success Team at Agworld and is an expert in all things precision agriculture and John Deere. Passionate about all things technical and mechanical, Ryan is frequently rebuilding and working on cars, jeeps and trucks. He loves spending time outdoors, taking his jeep off-road and going backpacking. Ryan also enjoys working on old computers and game consoles in his spare time. Whenever he is not working, you will probably find him either in the garage or at a car show.

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