28 October 2020

Limoneira adopts the Agworld Platform

Agworld crops, cotton field
The Agworld platform will be adopted on Limoneira’s ranches across the United States.

Limoneira, one of the USA’s largest growers of lemons, the USA’s largest grower of avocados and grower of a range of other citrus fruits and crops, has decided to adopt the Agworld platform across their ranches in the United States. Limoneira’s properties, located in Ventura, Tulare, San Bernardino and San Luis Obispo Counties in California and in Yuma, Arizona, will all join the USA’s leading farm information management platform in a phased adoption process. Agworld’s geospatially oriented platform, based on structured data, will allow Limoneira to record all critical orchard data in such a manner that it can be utilized for planning, budgeting, reporting, compliance and certification purposes.

“Food safety, environmental monitoring and traceability are all of the utmost importance to Limoneira. We grow fruit on a number of ranches and have our own packaging facilities in Yuma AZ; being one of the largest vertically integrated fruit growers in the USA means that we also play a leading role in food safety and sustainability,” says Edgar Gutierrez, Limoneira Vice President of Farming.” We are the only North American tree fruit grower that boasts an ‘superior’ rating for both GFS and Global GAP certification. By utilizing Agworld on our ranches, we will have access to a powerful platform that ensures Limoneira will keep meeting and exceeding its customers’ needs and expectations.”

As part of Limoneira’s adoption of the Agworld platform, employees at all different levels will have access to Agworld. Limoneira Agronomy Manager Andy Coker: “Agworld will allow us to easily capture a lot of different data at block-level and analyze or compare this at a ranch or company level. From showing workers REI and PHI, to creating input reports for certification agencies and agronomic planning & budgeting, Agworld will provide Limoneira with a wide range of benefits across the organization.”

Agworld President North America Zach Sheely adds, “It’s great to see a leading fruit grower such as Limoneira realize the benefits of the Agworld platform and decide to adopt it across the organization. Agworld has a great fit with orchardists’ needs and we continue to develop our platform in order to remain the industry’s leading information management platform provider. The Agworld USA team, based in Windsor, CO and Sacramento, CA, will assist the Limoneira team with a seamless transition to the Agworld platform for all users. Welcome to the Agworld family, Limoneira!”

About Limoneira

Limoneira is one of California’s oldest citrus growers, one of the largest growers of lemons in the United States, and is the largest grower of avocados in the United States. In addition to growing lemons and avocados, Limoneira grows oranges and a variety of other specialty citrus and other crops. Limoneira has agricultural plantings on properties located in Ventura, Tulare, San Bernardino and San Luis Obispo Counties in California and in Yuma, Arizona and La Serena, Chile. The plantings consist of approximately 5,000 acres of lemons, 900 acres of avocados, 1,600 acres of oranges, and 1,000 acres of specialty citrus and other crops. Limoneira also operates their own packinghouse in Santa Paula, California, where they process and pack their own lemons as well as lemons grown by others. Follow the Limoneira story at www.limoneira.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

About Agworld

Agworld is an international Information Management Platform, founded in 2009, with a North American headquarters in Colorado, and a global leader in collaborative farm management, enabling farmers, advisors and third parties to work together as one on a single platform. Agworld’s industry-leading standardized database makes it quick and easy to create accurate, reportable farm data. With over 100 million acres paid for and managed in Agworld across five countries, Agworld has the experience, capacity and market presence to support the delivery of innovation to farmers, agronomists and those that serve them. Learn more about Agworld at www.agworld.com and follow Agworld on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

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