22 November 2021

Preparing for crunch time

Preparing for crunch time

Ag retailers throughout the country have been warning their clients for the better part of 6 months already: supply is going to get tight and prices will be high. Slowly, we’re seeing this scenario play out throughout the industry with inputs such as chemicals, fertilizers, fuel, machinery parts and others in short supply and as expensive as they’ve been in a long time.

While for some growers this might mean that they just want to narrow down on their core operations, I speak to an increasing number of growers who are exploring the role that digital technology like Agworld can play to mitigate negative impacts in this scenario. Creating field records, keeping tabs on budgets and saving geospatial data in a central location are all features that most growers will think of when considering farm management software, but current market circumstances really highlight the importance of something that every grower’s farm management platform should be centred around: improving communication.

One of Agworld’s newest clients told me this week: “Not only are the fertilizer prices becoming quite volatile and high, but just outright availability of the fertilizer come spring is in question around now. So, we are trying to increase the communication abilities between managers and the rest of our staff as we need to increase our operating efficiencies in order to counter these challenges as much as possible.”

Yet another new Agworld client explained to me yesterday why he chose to adopt Agworld into his operation: “As I was researching farm management software on Google, I found out about Agworld and a few competitors, and I decided to look into the different options a bit further. From what I can see, even as someone who is obviously no expert on farm management software, y’all have the market cornered here. It looks to me like you’ve got what appears to be the best setup as it’s the only setup that doesn’t just create an ‘island’ for me, but allows me to interact with everyone else that is involved in the farming process via the platform.”

Seeing input costs increase so rapidly is obviously very difficult for growers, and facing availability interruptions is even harder, but I’m proud to be part of a company that aims to offer a solution to growers in these trying times. And the best part? I can proudly tell all prospective Agworld clients that we’re independently owned, and not by one of the big input manufacturers. Doing business with independently owned businesses has always been important to growers, but never more so than in an environment where input prices are reaching historical highs.

If you’re not using Agworld in your daily operations yet and you’re interested in finding out more about improving communication on your farm through Agworld, you can get in touch with me via hunter.price@agworld.com or (970) 446-9117 for a chat - I’d love to learn more about your business!

Hunter Price

Hunter Price

Account Manager

Hunter Price is an Account Manager at Agworld with a focus in the Midwest. He grew up in Colorado and attended Colorado State University where he graduated with a degree in Agricultural Business and was a member of the track and field team. While Hunter spends most of his time training as a professional track and field athlete, he also enjoys hunting and fishing, being in the mountains and anything that involves spending time with his wife and dog.

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