30 November 2018

Valley Ag wins Precision Impact Award

Agpro magazine named Valley Agronomics the 2018 Precision Impact Award Winners at the 2018 ARA Expo and Conference. The Precision Impact Award recognizes retailers who are leading the industry with precision ag in products and services offered to farmers. Two years ago, the team at Valley Agronomics LLC recognized the need to create a customized precision ag suite of services. The result is Platinum Precision, a program with the Agworld collaborative platform at the heart of it.

Valley Agronomics named 2018 Precision Impact Award Winners

The co-sponsors of the Precision Impact Award, the Ag Retailers Association and Proagrica, have recognized the high impact that Platinum Precision is having in their 24 retail locations spread between Oregon, Washington, Utah, Nevada and Idaho. For an example of how Platinum Precision helps growers improve their results on a daily base, see this case study.

As one Valley Ag member told the Ag Professional magazine: “Platinum Precision is really a low cost for what we get out of it,” says Tanner Wahlen at Kim Wahlen Farms. “It [Agworld] is an awesome record keeping system that we use and it helps us stay organized. We also submit the data to processors and use it for sustainability in our operation. That's a big word used now and everyone's trying to stay sustainable. And so, the Platinum Precision subscription has really helped us stay organized, helped us track our costs, and helped us be more efficient.”

Valley Agronomics named 2018 Precision Impact Award Winners

“The goal is to have a team where we've got the best in class local expert that really knows the agronomy and somebody that knows the technology really well,” says Connor Lankford, Precision Ag Manager for Valley Agronomics. “They can work together on a plan and a customized offering for the grower that's going to help that grower be successful.”

Another Valley Ag Platinum Precision grower, Luke Adams, recently said about Agworld: "Agworld helps us make sure that we aren’t ever getting behind on where we need to be on execution. And even during the rest of the season, Agworld enabled us to really keep track of everything that’s happening on the farm at once. We need to make sure that we have all of the data that we need in a timely fashion to be able to make those rapid decisions, because if a week goes by, we may have missed a window to improve the crop.”

From the team at Agworld to everyone at Valley Agronomics and all their grower owners: Congratulations, you all deserve this award! We are excited to see how Platinum Precision will evolve in the future and we are honored to be a part of it on a daily basis!

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