26 April 2022

When the sum is greater than its parts

When the sum is greater than its parts

In many situations in life the 'sum is greater than its parts'; whether we talk about the components that form a car together, a football team or your favorite band - working together often pays off exponentially for those involved. In the world of software engineering and data management, the same concept applies: integrations, connectivity and businesses working together allows the ecosystem as a whole to unlock potential that is otherwise not achievable.

Over the last five years we have seen the agtech industry move from stand-alone software systems that operated on desktops and in isolation, to more sophisticated solutions that are now cloud-enabled and inter-connected. Providers, like Agworld and Precision Cropping Technologies (PCT) Agcloud, have recognized that it is impossible for one company to be 'the best' at everything, and that the answer lies in becoming the master in one area, and collaborating with other providers that are masters in their relevant area.

When we started our collaboration with Agworld back in 2015 our aim was to provide growers and their service providers a seamlessly connected experience with their farm data. With our integrations - data is no longer stuck in separate silos, which limits its use to very specific cases and prevents the user from seeing the 'bigger picture' but rather helps them truly improve their decision making process across their business. Another advantage of creating integrations between platforms like PCT Agcloud and Agworld is that double-entry of data became obsolete and double-handling of data, by having to move or duplicate it, has become a thing of the past.

Having all your farm data in the same ecosystem ensures that you have a single point of truth between all different providers and connected users such as advizors, farm staff, growers, operators and other connected people, meaning they are always working on the same common set of data that is live and up to date. Connecting everyone involved in the farming process through coordinated digital resources and workflows allows for superior business coordination, even at the peak of the season when everyone is busy and deadlines are tight.

Grower, Farm, and Field structures are connected between Agworld and PCT Agcloud, which ensures that you have 'one source of truth' and no conflicting or out of sync boundaries, field names or farm details. Once this connection is established, the following data flows between both platforms:

  • Precision layers (planting data, yield data, EM surveys, management zones and more) automatically synchronize and are vizible in both Agworld's desktop solution and mobile apps.
  • Precision layers can be viewed and annotated while you're in the field, through the Agworld app on either the iPhone or iPad, while also being accessible in PCT Agcloud app and online tools as well.
  • An integrated soil sampling workflow coordinates between both platforms, from sample planning and collection to getting lab results back, creating soil layers, automated nutrient recommendations, management zone creation and further analysis.
  • When a prescription is developed in PCT Agcloud, this effortlessly connects to Agworld work orders and jobs, and through to equipment infield via MyJohnDeere or other platforms, providing seamless implementation and validation workflow.

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The future of digital ag is bright, and it is an exciting and dynamic place to be right now. Automation in the equipment as well as in the digital information systems that support farming is fast becoming a reality. We see the leading solutions will be those that can connect and can integrate well across critical areas for the growers and their advizors, and that ultimately deliver both the breadth and depth in capability that is needed to meet the demands of modern farming. The collaboration between PCT Agcloud and Agworld is not new, in fact we have been integrating and working together for over 7 years. We have learnt plenty along the way coupled with many technology advancements in this time, our integrations are an evolution of this experience. We are excited to provide these connected solutions that form an industry-leading next generation offering to our users.

PCT Agcloud and Agworld are both globally operating companies. We receive user feedback from growers, agronomists and service providers across many different regions and reach many different climates, cropping segments and experiences; this feedback is central to our development roadmap and how we shape these integrations and our broader solutions as we move into the future. I'm proud that PCT Agcloud and Agworld are leading the industry forward together, and if you have any feedback on your experience with our integration, I'd like to hear from you; we'd love to have you help us shape the future of digital agtech!

Andrew Bremner

Andrew Bremner

General Manager, PCT Agcloud

Andrew Bremner joined PCT Agcloud in 2019 with over 18 years of involvement in the Ag equipment and technology fields. Hailing from a Dairy Farm in South West Victoria and inspired to contribute to agriculture, Andrew remains passionate to progress innovations and create positive change for farmers and farming systems that improve productivity, profitability and sustainability. Andrew holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Monash University and Graduate Cert in Precision Agriculture from the University of New England.

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