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Our mission is to initiate changes that are positive in the agricultural industry with solutions that drive sustainable food production.

We make the effort to build what is right, not what seems obvious. We are an organisation of innovative people whose skill and discipline filters into every part of what we do. We continuously dissect and evaluate ideas and processes against real data in order to plan and build for the long term.

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Purpose and Independence

We are innovative people who are passionate about ensuring the value we create ultimately ends up on the farm. We are the world’s largest independent Farm Data Platform with a unique ecosystem that is critical to our clients.

Global Impact

Our practicality, resourcefulness and grit ensure we make the most of what we have, to achieve the things that others wouldn't think possible. What we achieve has a high impact on farmers and other agricultural professionals on a daily basis, and on a global scale.


We take the time to listen to, and understand each other. As individuals, teams and leaders we take opportunities to serve each other and uplift each other’s knowledge, skill and productivity.

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Opportunities advertised

Griffith, NSW or Mildura, VIC | Australia Find out more

Semios Field Technician

Agworld's parent company Semios is hiring in Griffith, NSW or Mildura, VIC! Field Technicians are Semios’ hands and eyes, and are Semios' representatives in the field. You will be responsible for installing, monitoring, and maintaining innovative wireless networks in orchards and vineyard... ...

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