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Leveraging connected financial farm information


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The smarter way to manage farm financials

With roots in New Zealand, Figured is a farm financial management solution founded by two farmers and accountants who wanted a smarter way to manage financial information. Now operating in 4 countries and powering 12k+ farms, Figured helps growers and financial advisers better manage the profitability of their operations.

Agworld partner Figured

Connected platforms

Turn your Agworld plans into a Figured budget

Agworld and Figured believe that insights from farm data should empower users to make more confident, profitable on-farm decisions. That's why we've partnered to create a smooth integration that connects your Agworld planned agronomic and operational activities to financial managment/budgeting in Figured, in as little as 10 minutes.

Agworld partner Figured

Agworld | Figured | Xero

Combining best-in-class cloud technology

Bring together production plans and back office management with a best-in-class stack in ag, through Agworld, Figured and Xero integrations. When you connect your Agworld plans with Figured cashflow budgets, and reconcile your actual costs between Figured and Xero, it means you can:

- Save time double entering data

- Get better accuracy and outcomes from your data

- Enable collaboration between growers, agronomists and financial advisers to ensure everyone is on the same page

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