Agworld and John Deere Operations Center

Data connectivity to improve communication and record-keeping

John Deere

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Established: 1837
Headquarters: Moline, IL
Slogan: Nothing runs like a Deere
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John Deere Operations Center

World-leading operations management

John Deere Operations Center is a world-class farm operation management tool. It enables farmers and their partners to collaborate to get real-time data on machinery locations, activity, job completion, coverage maps and much more.

The John Deere Operations Center allows you to keep track of what’s happening in your fields. You can reduce operator errors, save time ensuring jobs are completed correctly and improve your business processes.

On top of operational tools, the John Deere Operations Center also enables precision agriculture, which allows you to optimize your product usage, lower your operating costs and improve your farm sustainability.

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Importing data into Agworld

Improve your record-keeping to better understand your farm performance

Once the John Deere Operations Center integration is set up, you can import your recently completed field operations into Agworld in a single click. All of the operator-entered and machine-recorded data is sent to Agworld, where you can link this information to jobs in Agworld. Pulling your machine data from John Deere and combining it with your financial and agronomic data in Agworld will give you one place to check all your completed jobs, what is left to be done and how you're tracking financially.

Erin Vale Farming, Galore, NSW

Case Study

Case Study: Integrating key on-farm technology

Matt and Dan Lane run their 7,500-hectare farming operation, Erin Vale Farming, together with a number of staff and with advice from their agronomist. Erin Vale Farming implemented Agworld in 2014 as their Farm Management Platform. They connected their account with their agronomist as well as with all their John Deere machinery and certain key employees.

By utilising Agworld as the platform to connect their key stakeholders with each other as well as their John Deere machinery, Matt and Dan have been able to simplify the communication processes and data connectivity within their operation. Because of this improved connectivity, expensive mistakes are being avoided and the ability to view and control costs has improved.

"By using John Deere’s digital technology and Agworld together, I have gained peace of mind that every job gets executed correctly. There’s no doubt in my mind that every dollar we invest in both Agworld and John Deere technology sees a big return in many different ways."
Matt Lane, Erin Vale Farming, Galore, NSW.

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