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Improving accuracy and efficiency with autonomous tractors

Kingman Ag

Agworld Partner

Established: 2018
Location: Lemoore, CA
Specialty: Building autonomous farming solutions
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Cutting-edge autonomous tractor technology

With roots deep in engineering and farming, Connor Kingman and Ted Sheely paired up to develop autonomous machinery technology and formed Kingman Ag in 2018. By turning regular tractors into autonomous ones, this cutting-edge technology by Kingman Ag is an innovative and forward-thinking farming solution to help growers gain operational efficiencies. The Kingman Ag team believe in investing in the future to get in front of foreseeable challenges with the right tools and technologies and ensure sustainability across farm businesses.

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Kingman Ag

Helping growers improve accuracy and efficiency

Instead of designing a completely new machine, Kingman Ag modify existing John Deere, CASE IH, New Holland and Kubota tractors. This creates a range of cost benefits in a few ways:

- Setup costs are low and materials/parts are readily available

- Cost-effective cameras and Lidar sensors replace need for an expensive GPS system and infrastructure

- The extra-large fuel tank reduces re-fueling costs, as the tractor can run for up to 72 hours before needing fuel

In addition to Kingman Ag's setup benefits, the autonomous tractors reduce labor costs and improve application accuracy, optimizing environmental, agronomic and financial sustainability, and ultimately helping growers become more efficient.

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Track Kingman Ag machinery in Agworld

Connect Kingman Ag machinery data to Agworld through our Frames integration. Once connected, Kingman Ag machinery will show up on the Agworld map so you can check on the location of the tractor, job progress, run time, speed and CPU temperature. This means that anyone connected to the farm on Agworld can check on progress and identify if the machine has stopped or completed a job for example.

Find out more about Kingman Ag autonomous tractors or how to connect your Kingman Ag machine to Agworld by contacting the Kingman Ag team

Frames by Agworld opens up endless possibilities when it comes to integrating third party contextual data with Agworld. Find out more about Frames by Agworld here.

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