Using the power of on-farm trials to improve fertilizer decisions


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Established: 2017
Field profit increase: Up to $50 per acre
Available in: AU, USA, NZ & CA
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Today's fertilizer decisions are far from perfect - there is a better way.

Laconik enables growers and their advisers to easily conduct on-farm trials. The trials are scientifically valid, easy to design and hassle free to implement, harvest and analyze. Use Laconik and start measuring financial returns from fertilizer.

Agworld partner Laconik


Improve profitability from your fertilizer inputs using powerful precision agriculture technology.

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Market-leading fertilizer precision.

Laconik was founded in 2017 with the aim of making fertilizer usage more profitable for growers. Laconik offers growers and agronomists the ability to measure fertilizer responsiveness, therefore encouraging the use of variable rate-capable application equipment and the responsible use of fertilizers, leading to higher profitability for growers.

Laconik Combine™ is an easy-to-use web platform that provides tools for setting up affordable fertilizer trials, generating fertilizer prescriptions and measuring agronomic and financial performance across fields. Laconik takes the guesswork out of fertilizer management to ultimately make the most profitable decisions. Laconik sets growers up to improve future fertilizer profitability while maximizing yields at the same time.

Agworld partner Laconik


Precision layers visible for superior insights.

Connect your data from Laconik to Agworld through seamless integration. With Laconik’s strip or randomized trial layers visible on your farm maps in Agworld, you’ll get good visibility into relevant geospatial information which you can use to ground truth data as well as annotating or attaching fertilizer trial layers as an image to Agworld jobs. With vital information at your fingertips, you are equipped with the right insights to make the most profitable decisions, hassle-free. Easily share your Laconik layers with those users you are connected with on Agworld so that everyone is on the same page throughout the season.

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