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Expertise: Livestock management
Locations: AU, NZ
Integration type: Frames
Agworld partner Mobble

About Mobble

Livestock management and record-keeping

Mobble is a livestock management software solution for livestock farmers across Australia and New Zealand. Built by farmers on a mission to simplify livestock management and record-keeping, Mobble offers a range of practical and flexible tools to help increase efficiencies on farm. Here are a few features included in Mobble:

- Farm mapping

- Task management and reminders

- Grazing management

- Compliance

- Reporting and records

Agworld partner Mobble

View key livestock information at your fingertips

Simplified crop and livestock insights for mixed farmers

Agworld and Mobble want to make it easier for mixed crop and livestock farmers to manage their operations and take advantage of the best in class farm management tools. We all know that data silos can be a time-consuming, painful and a blocker to quick decision-making. That's why we've partnered to empower growers with the snapshots that they need to manage their mixed farming operation on the go!

Agworld partner Mobble

Check on mob insights with Frames by Agworld

Track your mobs on Agworld

Now available to growers, the Mobble frames integration creates a link between livestock information from Mobble and displays a livestock snapshot on the Agworld farm map. Once connected, anyone with access to the Agworld farm map can locate a mob and tap on the Mobble frame icon to get a more detailed mob snapshot with type, class, ages, size, grazing info and more.

To learn more about how to set up the integration, click here or contact us to find out more.

Frames by Agworld opens up endless possibilities when it comes to integrating third party contextual data with Agworld. Find out more about Frames by Agworld here.

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