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PCT AgCloud

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Established: 2001
Locations: USA, AU, NZ & CA
Website: pct.ag
acres managed: 20+ Million & counting
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PCT - Precision Cropping Technologies

World leaders in precision ag software

PCT began in 2001 as a precision ag services business with the vision of helping consultants and growers make sense of their precision data. Today, the company is a world leader in precision ag technology with a global market reach.

PCT Agcloud is a cloud-based software solution for precision data creation, management and analysis to deliver customised outcomes for agronomists and growers to better manage their fields.

PCT is privately owned and completely independent.

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Agworld Precision

Generate prescriptions using Agworld and PCT

Agworld offers a seamless, paperless, end-to-end precision workflow. From planning your soil samples to prescription generation, Agworld’s integrations with soil labs, PCT’s precision software tools and our inbuilt workflow will revolutionise your precision offering. Agworld’s precision platform is the world’s fastest end-to-end precision solution.

Connected platforms

Precision data where you need it

It’s simple to access and share your precision layer information in Agworld. Your yield, soil layers and management zone maps are automatically available to you and your clients in Agworld. This includes offline access on the Agworld iPad app. Highlight areas of interest on these layers using Agworld’s map annotation tool and attach them to a recommendation to give your client the whole story. With all of your data at your fingertips, you can save time and be more confident in your decisions.

Agworld client integrations ploughed field
Agworld partner Pinion

Valley Agronomics, Rupert, ID

Case Study

Creating an award-winning Precision Ag program

The team at Valley Agronomics focuses on providing their clients with all the inputs and knowledge required to grow their crops and help them maximise their profitability. Agworld has been the core platform for Valley Ag to provide digital services and communicate with their clients. Valley Ag received the 2018 ARA Precision Impact Award in recognition of being an industry-leading retailer for the precision ag products and services offered to farmers.

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