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Established: 1932
Location: 29 locations throughout the USA
Phone: 1-800-461-4702
Agworld partner Pinion


Achieving Growth and Sustainability for Clients

With roots dating back to 1932, Pinion leads, nationally in the US, as consultants and CPAs in the food and agriculture industry with these services constituting more than two-thirds of the firm’s business.

The firm is embedded throughout the U.S. food-supply chain—from policy to plate—working with producers, input suppliers, processors, packagers, distributors, biofuel manufacturers, equipment dealerships, landowners, lenders, and many agencies and policy organizations that support the industry.

Pinion serves domestic and international clientele from eight states, spanning coast-to-coast offices.

Agworld partner Pinion


Leveraging AgKnowledge to Thrive

Making sound decisions on your farm or ranch is essential to healthy operations, and the team at AgKnowledge can maximize those by leveraging their ag-focused resources and farm management expertise.

At Pinion , the AgKnowledge team understands what it takes to fill your boots every day to manage your farm or ranch operations and help your business thrive. They alleviate workloads by helping with agricultural finance, credit management, crop insurance, economics, equipment trades, farm management, land sales, and risk management.

AgKnowledge consultants can turn your numbers into strategic business power for trustworthy insights, effective decisions, and productive results.

Connected Advisors Case Study

More profitable decisions through communication

"From where I sit, I see Agworld as a tool that is available and working well today and that offers growers assistance in improving their operation. I see many other tools that hold great promise for the future, but without fail they will tell you that they are just not quite there yet. This is why I advise all growers to join the Agworld platform, so they can collaborate with the important stakeholders of their farming operation such as financial advisor or agronomist, but also so that they can start benefiting from the technology that is available now."
Alan Grafton
AgKnowledge Director, Pinion, Oxford, MS
Improving financial results Case Study

Creating visibility to power a data-driven strategy.

"When I found out that Pinion (formerly Kcoe) had partnered up with Agworld, I naturally became interested in what this could deliver to me as a farmer. When I walked through the Agworld platform, I could see that the reporting that I was going to get to manage the business was far superior and that I can actually manage the business from the standardized data and not just enter useless data. Now, when I want input from our financial advisor at Pinion (formerly Kcoe), he has access to all my data so he only has to login to Agworld and he can see the exact same numbers that I am looking at. This really makes the process of getting input from my trusted advisors a lot easier."
Jesse Hough
Hough Farms, David City, NE.

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