Agworld and Microsoft Power BI

Maximize your farm performance with Agworld and Microsoft Power BI

Elevate your data

Connect your farm data with industry-leading business intelligence

Seamlessly connect your Agworld account to Microsoft Power BI to unlock a suite of customizable reports for your business.

It just works
Work on web, desktop, iOS and Android on a centralised data platform.
Start with our off-the-shelf reports and expand by combining with other data you use on farm
Real-time insights
Adjust your reports with tools designed to deliver real-time insights

Manage your risk and boost your profitability

Plan and monitor your financial performance at every stage of the growing cycle

Achieve long-term sustainability by focusing on driving efficiency in season. Utilize your data to better inform and improve your management decision making. Plan for different seasonal outcomes by adjusting your assumptions on yield, price, the cost of inputs, gross margins and the impact of seasonal changes.

See your real-time cost position against your financial budget.
Historical Benchmarks
Benchmark your financial performance against historical performance by region, crop, farm and field.
Scenario Analysis
Manage your in-season risk by running scenario analysis to understand your gross margin position.

"That’s what Agworld brings to us: management accounting made easy and accessible, which enables us as a partnership to make the most profitable decisions moving forward."

Bruce Graham
Wairakaia Partnership, Gisborne, NZ.

Operational efficiency and communication

Get your entire team on the same page and keep your production plan on track

Utilize tools to monitor your progress against your plans. Quickly adapt to changes in the season and better communicate with your team, suppliers and advisors

Track Progress
See planting, harvest, and other operation progress against your planned capacity
Take the guesswork out of your purchasing with a clear picture of how much product you need where and when
Get notified when something needs your attention

Microsoft Power BI

Experience your data. Any data, any way, anywhere.

Power BI is a business analytics service that delivers insights to enable fast, informed decisions.

  • Transform data into stunning visuals and share them with colleagues on any device.
  • Visually explore and analyze data—on-premises and in the cloud—all in one view.
  • Collaborate on and share customized dashboards and interactive reports.
  • Scale across your organization with built-in governance and security.
Microsoft Power BI
Agworld and Microsoft Power BI screen

"Agworld is a tremendous resource for our crop teams. The data it provides enables our crop teams to plan thoughtfully and make wiser decisions."

Liz Coleman
Coleman Ag, Willamette Valley

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