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Established: 2014
Location: Moree, NSW
Revisit time: 6 days
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PCT Satamap

Market-leading biomass imagery, available directly in Agworld

Based on the more common normalised vegetative index (NDVI) which measures biomass, PCT’s Satamap Vegetative Index (SVI) allows growers to use satellite imagery to measure crop growth and predict yield. SVI borrows the basic concept of NDVI but takes it to the next level by using other bands to help mitigate the effect of soil colour and reduce saturation in high biomass situations.

SVI imagery is sourced from several satellites including Landsat 8, Sentinel 2, Sentinel 3 and MODIS. SVI is available in Agworld on the iPad, iPhone and website maps page. The imagery provided is updated every 6 days, if cloud-free, with a spatial resolution of 15m or less.

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Smarter Crop Inspections

Utilize the latest biomass imagery to target your crop inspections

While Satamap SVI won’t negate the need for crop inspections, you can now better utilize your time and target specific sites of variability. You can use this information to target your inspections to understand what is causing this variability.

Van Dyke Farms, Yamhill, OR

Case Study

Utilizing biomass imagery to target scouting in the field

Ben VanDyke uses the biomass imagery provided through Agworld on a daily basis. He uses the imagery to identify problem spots in their field to immediately scout and then diagnose the problem. He explains: “This is where the Agworld biomass imagery helps us a lot: it shows us the exact problem areas in our fields to look at. This process allows us to quickly fix exactly those areas that need it before the problem can spread to other areas, which saves us time and money.”

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