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Four ways Agworld can make your farm more profitable

Agworld profits

Know how much product you need

  • Estimate product and input requirements in Agworld to purchase what you need in advance and save on input costs

"Because we plan our season in Agworld we know which products we will use in the season ahead, and we can use that knowledge to forward-order as much as possible. In 2021 this saved us between 15% and 20% on our crop input costs."

Darrell Fiddler
De Bortoli

Agworld profits

Prevent costly mistakes

  • Compare job history to catch mistakes such as invoice errors or double-entry
  • Create recommendations and work orders so your team knows the exact details of the job they perform - minimizing the occurrence of application errors.

"Since we started to use Agworld, we save an average of between $20 and $25 per acre per year, because it helps us catch billing errors. That might not sound like much, but for Oxbow Agriculture that is over $120,000 per year."

Tyler McClendon
Oxbow Agriculture

Agworld profits

Know your costs to make profitable decisions

  • When you create jobs in Agworld you can add costs to inputs and operations. This means that at any point in the season you know how much you are spending on each field.
  • When you know how much you are spending and where you stand agronomically, this leads to more profitable decisions.

"Because we collect all our in-field operations in Agworld, we have good visibility into the direct costs of our business."

Brendan Booth
Booth Agriculture

Agworld profits

Crystal clear insights

  • Key information is available in real-time whenever you need it in the season, to save time and make a decision on the spot.
  • End-of-season reports the way you need them; save time analyzing your data through Agworld’s standardized and exportable reports.
  • Easy reporting to keep you compliant, saving you time and helping you avoid fines.

"Agworld is especially useful when you come into budgeting or if you're successful with a certain crop management program - when you try to replicate that success at other blocks, the insights from Agworld help you achieve that much easier than if you had things scribbled down on paper."

Keith Veselka

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