The Agworld advantage

Farm management software that works where you do

  • Digital farm records
    Keep a digital record of everything that happens in the orchard, ready to access at your fingertips. Invite advisors, farm staff and others to collaborate on jobs in real-time.
  • Plan for success
    When you plan your crop in Agworld, you can get ahead of input supply issues, create operational efficiencies, prepare for each stage of the season and compare planned vs actual performance at any point. Easily convert plans into farm records with a few clicks.
  • Farm performance insights
    Check on your farm's agronomic and financial performance at a block level (such as yield, nutrition, gross margin benchmarking, cost to date snapshots and more) based on your farm records to discover what works well and where you have opportunities to improve.
Agworld Farm Management Software customer in the barley field, making informed decisions by using Agworld.

Why Agworld?

  • Accessible
    Easily export your records for audits without digging through mountains of paper. Pull up your historical records while in the orchard
  • Independently owned
    You own your data in Agworld; get peace of mind that your farm information is safe with an independent custodian
  • Standardized
    Simplify and centralise your farm data using Agworld's standardized database for record keeping, price management, reporting and more
  • Online/offline
    Agworld apps work where you do, whether it's in the office or offline in the orchard. Simply sync your data safely and securely to the cloud once your done for the day


Capture records with Agworld

Capture a record of everything important that happens on your fields

  • Capture records, observations, machinery, applications
    It’s quick and easy to record accurate seeding rates, dates, locations and machinery setup information for your fields.
  • Track operations, operators, pests and problems
    Link observations to your application information to easily relate your actuals to specific target problems.
  • Capture photos, annotate maps
    From spraying to fertilizer applications, Agworld makes accurate, compliant record keeping simple.
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"It’s difficult to keep everything organized when we get really busy during harvest; there’s so much going on at the same time and that is where Agworld helps out."

Blake Vann
Vann Brothers, Williams CA

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