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How do growers benefit from using Agworld?

Increased efficiency

Streamline and simplify routine tasks involved in running your farm, such as record keeping, job scheduling, and budgeting, to increase overall efficiency and productivity.

Case study Digitising crop information

Collaborate & communicate

Whether you're working with your agronomist or farm staff, Agworld helps communicate and share information in real-time, making your operations more efficient and productive.

Case study Creating team alignment

Better decision-making

With access to real-time data and analytics, farm managers can make informed decisions about optimising crop production planning, resource allocation, and other important aspects of running a farm.

Case study Planning ahead to save on inputs

Enhanced tracking and reporting

With detailed tracking and reporting on all aspects of farm operations, access the information you need anytime in the season, from farm performance benchmarking to input summaries to compliance.

Case study Measuring farm performance

Choose independent, not big ag

Be in control of your ag data

Independent & privately owned

You benefit from partnering with Agriculture’s independent, privately owned platform. Agworld is developed by and for farmers & agronomists; you utilise Agworld to improve your results, not Big Ag.

Your data is safe with us

You own your data on the Agworld platform – we do not sell data to anyone. You can elect to give others access to your data, your agronomist for example, and revoke this access at any time.

Global company, local presence

You benefit from having a global company with local presence power your Ag Data. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience to help you get the most out of Agworld.

Regular product updates

Make the most out of your Ag Data with Agworld’s constantly improving solutions. Our in-house development team delivers new product updates almost daily to give you maximum performance.

Stability is key

Having access to a farm management platform with 99.9% up-time, means that you partner with one of the most reliable providers in the industry.

Over a decade of commitment

Drive your productivity with a partner that is completely dedicated to improving collaboration within agriculture. Agworld has been leading the field since 2009; focused on you, our partner, since the very beginning.

What can growers do on Agworld?

Capture records with Agworld

Capture a record of everything important that happens on your fields

  • Capture records, observations, machinery, applications
    It’s quick and easy to record accurate seeding rates, dates, locations and machinery setup information for your fields.
  • Track operations, operators, pests and problems
    Link observations to your application information to easily relate your actuals to specific target problems.
  • Capture photos, annotate maps
    From spraying to fertilizer applications, Agworld makes accurate, compliant record keeping simple.
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“I think it’s important to use tools like Agworld to influence what we can, in this case our input costs, and optimise our profitability as much as we can.”

Ashton Hood
AT Hood and Co, Kojaneerup, WA
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90% Agronomists in Australia serving clients on Agworld.

40M+ Managed hectares.

200+ Crop types.

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