16 March 2020

Agworld business continuity

As we are all gradually becoming used to the new reality and challenges that COVID-19 is presenting us as a business as well as our clients, I wanted to update you on the measures Agworld is taking to maintain normal business operations and the usual level of support.

In-person meetings

In order to reduce risk as much as possible, we’ve asked our teams to avoid airline travel until further notice. This may impact on some meetings that had been set previously, and your Agworld representative will contact you to make alternate arrangements. Fortunately, most meetings can simply be replaced by video conferencing, which will limit the disruptions to your and our business. We hope you will join us in this newer way of operating, keeping that positive and tenacious outlook attitude the Ag industry is known for.

Business as Usual

Agworld has recently tested it’s business continuity plan and has proven that we are fully capable of operating remotely as a business globally. This means that, even if or when the local or state governments decide to close offices down for a period of time, our staff will work from home providing clients the support they need.

We’ve adopted a policy of common sense and calm, taking our guidance from the Australian and USA Government’s health officials, whose advice we’ll continue to follow closely.

I wish you and your loved ones good health, and as always we look forward to journeying with you.

Doug Fitch
CEO - Agworld

Doug Fitch

Doug Fitch

Chief Executive Officer

Doug Fitch is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder for the global information management business Agworld Pty Ltd which began its commercial operation in December 2009. He has been involved and contributed to the agricultural industry for the past 34 years, working on farm, and for both small businesses and multinational companies holding leadership positions, working in sales, organizational structure and business strategy. With a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration and Diploma of Business in Leadership, he remains passionate contributing positively to the challenges farmers face in the space of information management and decision making.

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