22 October 2021

Agworld's new subscription admin portal

Agworld’s new subscription admin portal

Agworld’s farm data solutions are created to make them as easy as possible to navigate for our users, with a constant emphasis on the user interface and user experience. One part of the ‘customer experience’ that we were not entirely satisfied with yet was the subscription admin portal that organizes payments and subscription management in the background of the platform. A lot of hard work by many people within our organization over the past 18 months has resulted in major improvements in this area, which I’m sure will make renewing your Agworld subscription and managing your seat assignments a lot easier. So what has changed?

Payment options

You can now pay your new or renewing Agworld subscription in three different ways:

  • ‘Self serve’ with a secure link in the emails you will receive from us before your subscription comes up for renewal. With this link you will not have to log into a separate portal to set up your payment.
  • ‘Self serve’ through your dedicated admin portal. When you log into our payment portal you can pay your invoice, download historical invoices, manage payment methods, and update your account info.
  • You can still call us as well to pay your invoice over the phone by credit card.

Payment methods

The following payment methods are available:

  • In Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, we offer Credit Card and Direct Debit payment method options
  • In the United States and Canada we offer Credit Card and ACH payment method options

Managing your subscription and seat assignment

We have made it a lot easier for corporate farming entities, agronomy organizations and other large Agworld users that are organized in company groups to manage subscription information and seat assignments from the same page in our admin portal. This same page allows you to export all your subscription and seat assignment data too. So whether you need to reassign a subscription seat, update billing information or download historical invoices - it’s all simply done from the admin portal. Note: upgrades or downgrades in subscription level still need to be done via your Agworld Customer Success team.

Company admins for an organization in Agworld, can the Agworld admin portal here: Agworld portal. For more information and FAQs, see: Agworld portal billing.

Alternatively, if you have any other questions or issues you’d like to discuss with us, feel free to give the Agworld Customer Success team a call on 1 724 249 6753

Tim King

Tim King

Vice President of Operations

Tim King is Vice President of Operations at Agworld where he leads the North American Success Team to ensure that customers experience quality customer service. Tim is a native of Michigan and graduated from Michigan State. Prior to Agworld Tim worked in healthcare and then took a step into agriculture over 3 years ago. Tim enjoys spending time with his family, and he loves sports. If he's not coaching his kids, you can likely find him playing some kind of sport himself or rooting for local teams.

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