17 December 2021

Autonomous equipment data in Agworld

Autonomous equipment data in Agworld

Earlier this year we launched 'Frames by Agworld', an industry-first initiative which allows contextual data to be displayed within Agworld to growers and their connected users in the Agworld app. With Agworld the main decision making tool for an increasing number of growers, ensuring that the right information is available in one central location and where it's needed most - in Agworld - is a core focus of the Agworld development team.

A number of different technology providers have already integrated with the Agworld ecosystem via Frames by Agworld, and Kingman Ag has recently become the first autonomous equipment provider to supply Agworld users with the option of tracking their autonomous equipment in Agworld. Key information from the Kingman Ag equipment can now all be viewed on the Agworld maps page in the Agworld iPhone or iPad app as of the time of syncing, including:

  • Real-time tractor location
  • Job completion status
  • Run time
  • Speed
  • CPU temperature

Kingman Ag is an ag technology company that converts John Deere, New Holland, Kubota and Case IH tractors into autonomous tractors. When converted, these tractors are used for a variety of operations such as spraying and mowing in both orchards and vineyards. With severe labor shortages affecting agricultural operations throughout the world, and American orchards and vineyards being especially hard-hit due to the labor-intensive nature of their operations, the demand for driverless tractors and other autonomous equipment is rapidly propelling businesses such as Kingman Ag into the spotlight for many farmers.

Having Kingman Ag become part of the Agworld ecosystem and visualizing their data in Agworld through Frames by Agworld clearly shows the direction that Agworld is taking with 'putting growers in the driver's seat'. This is another step in creating a crop production system where the role of the grower is central to everything that is being developed, and we're excited by the large number of other agricultural technology providers, with very diverse backgrounds, that are currently actively working on creating an integration with Agworld as well.

If you have any questions about the Agworld - Kingman Ag integration, please don't hesitate to contact your Agworld customer success representative.

Reinder Prins

Reinder Prins

Chief Marketing Officer

Reinder Prins, originally from The Netherlands, is Chief Marketing Officer for Agworld and based in Perth, Western Australia. Prior to this, he was Precision Ag adoption lead for an ag retailer focused on the cotton industry on Australia’s east coast. He then moved to South America and worked as a freelancer in the space of digital agriculture, before returning back to Australia. He has in-depth knowledge of the precision agriculture landscape through working with some of the largest growers in Australia and also with a range of service providers spanning multiple continents.

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