08 September 2017

Print Your Farm Maps

Our latest web release allows you to more accurately print your farm maps by letting you choose the sections of your farm that you want to print and then letting you see exactly what will be printed before you hit the Print button.

These changes pave the way for additional improvements to the way we print maps so keep an eye out for future updates.

To print your farm maps simply click on the print button, choose the correct paper size, center your map and hit print!

Want more detailed steps on how you can print your farm maps on Agworld? Here's how:

Step 1

In the Maps tab, scroll to the area that you want to print and click on the Print button.

Step 2

In the print window select your paper size and then move the map around so that it has all the sections that you want to print. You'll be able control how far zoomed in or out you want your map to be.

Step 3

Click on the print button and you're done!

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