23 September 2021

California Product Registration Numbers

California Product Registration Numbers

California is the world’s 5th largest food and fiber producer and the largest food producing state in the USA, with over 450 different crops grown each year! With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why both Agworld and its parent company SemiosBio have a strong focus on Californian producers and their often unique needs.

Agworld services a wide variety of Californian food and fibre producers, both in row crops and permanent crops, as well as their ag retailers, agronomists, CCAs and PCAs, whereas Semios focuses solely on growers of specialty crops, meaning pome and stone fruit, nuts and grapes. What all these food and fibre producers and their consultants have in common, is the need for accurately tracking and reporting their input usage to their respective county regulators.

When you submit your NOI’s (Notices of Intent) and PURs (Product Use Reports) from Agworld to your county via CalAg, it is a legal requirement in the state of California to report applications of products registered with a California Registration Number or an EPA number. The same rules apply to certain reports that producers create for their food processors and other buyers of their products. NOIs and PURs created in Agworld already contained the California Registration Number and, after a number of recent updates to our database, users now have the option to add this number to their custom reports in Agworld as well.

So what does this mean for Agworld users in California? When you create a new custom report, for your processor for example, you now have the option to include the California Registration Number of the products you’ve utilized in your fields in this report. The same California Registration Number is already included when you submit a NOI or PUR from Agworld to your county via the ‘permits’ feature if a California Registration Number is available for this product (if not, it will default back to the EPA number). And, while this feature is mainly relevant for California, there are also certain products for other states like Washington that have the (WSDA) State Registration Number added as well.

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We have already received a lot of positive feedback from our Californian clients on these new updates, and look forward to including more compliance focused features into our ecosystem over the next 12 months. These will not all be state-specific like this update for California, and will offer a range of new options to growers and their service providers throughout the regions that Agworld operates in. We will make sure to keep you posted on these new features and product updates as they become available.

If you have any questions about California Product Registration Numbers in Agworld and how you can utilize them to your advantage, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Collin Scheer

Collin Scheer

Account Manager

Collin Scheer is an Account Manager at Agworld with a focus on California. He grew up in Colorado and attended Colorado State University where he graduated with a degree in Health Sciences and was a member of the track and field team. Prior to Agworld, Collin worked for Madwire as a project manager helping businesses build their brand. In his spare time Collin enjoys fishing, hiking, and skiing in Colorado.

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