03 January 2023

Composite and transect sampling now in Agworld

Composite and transect sampling now in Agworld

With fertilizer making up one of the biggest parts of the farm budget, it’s no wonder growers and service providers are doing more soil sampling to measure and understand soil nutrition. After all, how can you manage what you don’t measure? By having a good set of soil data, growers and service providers can collaborate on a cropping plan and prescriptions to optimize crop performance and get set up for a successful season.

At Agworld, we have been building on our sampling solution over the years to deliver an easier job management, soil collection and results process. Up until now samplers have been using grid and point sampling collection methods. But as a result of strong demand from customers globally over the last year, the Agworld development team has released the soil sampling feature that samplers have been waiting patiently for: composite sampling jobs!

Composite sampling jobs enable you to specify the exact locations of your sub sample points. Multiple sets of points can be created in the same job to accurately sample different zones or soil types within the same field.

Composite sampling jobs can be set up for the first year of sampling, and we’ve made sure that it’s easy for samplers to return to the same location next year to compare results year-on-year. That way when analyzing results from soil sampling, growers and service providers have the right soil benchmarking information to optimize nutrition for a healthy crop.

On a similar topic, soil surface layers are now available on the Agworld map globally based on soil results uploaded or sent in via a lab. And the list of participating soil labs for automated sampling results in Agworld has grown massively over the past 12 months.

To get started with the new composite sampling tools, head to this help article for more information. Note: to access these features, you'll need an Agronomist Professional or Enterprise subscription. Should you have any questions about the new composite sampling or about Agworld sampling in general, please don’t hesitate to contact the team!

Adam Jungwirth

Adam Jungwirth

Customer Success Representative

Adam Jungwirth grew up in Eastern South Dakota and attended South Dakota State University where he graduated with a degree in Agronomy. Adam has a variety of experience in the Agriculture Industry including working at a soil and seed testing laboratory. Adam is a member of the Customer Success Team and is an expert in all things precision agriculture. He is passionate about teaching users how easy it is to run prescriptions and queue up sample jobs in Agworld. Adam loves problem solving and fixing something that was previously broken - so in his spare time he enjoys working on small engines and bikes. Not only does he like fixing bikes, but riding them as well.

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