24 May 2021

Creating jobs in Spanish

Agworld creating jobs in Spanish

Helping farming organizations streamline their workflow from planning a crop all the way through to creating an actual crop record is one of the core strengths of the Agworld platform. Throughout the season all stakeholders in the crop-growing process are able collaborate on the platform and share data with each other, from observations and recommendations to work orders and many other pieces of information; being able to share data with those that need it is key to optimizing efficiencies and minimizing disruptions.

Over the past two years we’ve started to receive an increasing number of requests for updates to the Agworld platform that will make it more inclusive for the hispanic workforce on farms throughout the United States and especially orchards on the pacific coast. The main question asked was to have the ‘job overview PDF’ translated into Spanish, so that jobs can be downloaded either in English or Spanish.

As of today, this is now possible in Agworld and farming companies can now toggle the Spanish language on in the settings menu. This will allow for activities to be downloaded on the web in Spanish both individually and when printed in bulk. The advantage here is of course that jobs now can be created by any manager within a farming entity, whether they speak Spanish or not, and the job overview PDF ahora se puede descargar en inglés o español.

In order to prevent any confusion from occurring, only the ‘headers’ of the work order serán en español. The rest of the content including comments, products, appendix data, etc. todavía estarán en inglés. Pero quien crea la recomendación puede, por supuesto, agregar comentarios en español si lo desea. The reason that only the headers, and not the content, are translated to Spanish is that we don’t want to create confusion by switching too much between English en español…!

We are confident that this feature update of Agworld will be very useful for those farming businesses with Spanish speaking employees and look forward to seeing how this enhanced ability to communicate within the team across language barriers will allow Agworld to further add value to farming businesses. If you have any questions about how to utilize this feature within your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact your Agworld customer success representative.

Reinder Prins

Reinder Prins

Chief Marketing Officer

Reinder Prins, originally from The Netherlands, is Chief Marketing Officer for Agworld and based in Perth, Western Australia. Prior to this, he was Precision Ag adoption lead for an ag retailer focused on the cotton industry on Australia’s east coast. He then moved to South America and worked as a freelancer in the space of digital agriculture, before returning back to Australia. He has in-depth knowledge of the precision agriculture landscape through working with some of the largest growers in Australia and also with a range of service providers spanning multiple continents.

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