08 October 2023

Agworld provides easier access to data for crop insurance

Agworld provides easier access to data for crop insurance

In today's fast-paced world, agriculture is undergoing a significant transformation, and so is the way crop insurers handle data. Gone are the days of laborious data entry through hardcopy maps and cumbersome spreadsheets. Crop insurers are embracing technology like never before. This shift is not just about keeping up with the times; it's about optimizing operations and delivering enhanced services to the growers who rely on these policies to manage risks.

As crop insurers adopt tech-driven solutions, they are also actively encouraging growers to provide their data in a more user-friendly and consumable format. Why? Because it's a win-win situation. When growers provide data in a format that is easy to work with, insurers can offer cost efficient products. Growers benefit from streamlined application and claims processes, and insurers benefit from the elimination of time-consuming data entry.

We are excited to introduce a feature that will transform the way you interact with your crop insurer and simplify the data submission process. Say hello to the Crop Insurance Report, an easy way to provide insurers with the data they need.

Finding the Crop Insurance report is a breeze. It's conveniently located in the Standard Reports section of your Agworld account and is available to all subscription levels. No more hunting for scattered data or juggling multiple spreadsheets – we've streamlined the process for you. How It Works:

  • Access Standard Reports: Log in to your Agworld account and navigate to the Standard Reports section.
  • Generate Crop Insurance Report: Click on the Crop Insurance report option, filter by farm, field, or crop and our platform will compile all the necessary data. This includes:
    • Aerial overview of fields
    • Crop, variety, sown area, seeding date, estimated yield, estimated price, latitude and longitude
  • Submit with Ease: Once the report is generated, you can download the file (CSV, KML, or PDF) and submit it to your insurer with just a few clicks, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

Try out the Crop Insurance Report today and experience the benefits for yourself. Your insurance experience just got a whole lot faster with Agworld! Have questions? Contact our customer support team today

Emily Mertes

Emily Mertes

Marketing Coordinator

Emily Mertes started her career at Agworld on the Customer Success Team and is currently part of Agworld's marketing team, leading all marketing initiatives in North America. She grew up on the east coast and attended Virginia Tech where she graduated with a degree in Agricultural Economics. Currently living in Sacramento, California, when Emily isn't working you can find her running or hiking, reading a good book, or trying a new recipe. Contact emily.mertes@agworld.com

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