16 August 2022

Harvest Load improvements

Harvest load improvements in Agworld

As the 2022 season is coming to an end, all of us are surely looking forward to this year's harvest to wrap things up. Last year was the first harvest that used the new harvest functionality in Agworld, which yielded us a lot of positive feedback and suggestions from our users. In order to improve Agworld's harvest functionality even further in the lead-up to this year's harvest, we have recently released additional features:

Harvest load photos

You can now add a photo to any harvest load from your mobile device to capture additional information that is important to your operation. Whether you need to capture driver details (drivers license), scale tickets, commodity images or anything else - you can now simply add these images to your harvest loads

Harvest load importer

Many growers already use other tools to track or monitor their harvest activities, and don't want to double-up on their record keeping activities by having to enter harvest information in two separate systems. With our new CSV importer, it is now easy for Agworld users to import 'out of app' harvest load data into Agworld without having to individually add each harvest load. So, without having to double-enter data, Agworld users can now make sure they accurately track yields and associated revenues in Agworld.

The CSV importer allows you to add as much or little details as you like, and it provides you with a simple way to upload all your harvest results at the end of the season if you prefer not to do this during the actual harvest. This makes our harvest functionality simpler and quicker to use for those that don't want to add much detail, while still allowing others to add as much detail as they like. Both these improvements were among the most requested by our users and I'm sure they'll be used very frequently this harvest.

When you've diligently entered all your application data in Agworld throughout the season, you are so close to getting a complete view of your cropping season and the results you've achieved this year; don't throw away that opportunity just before the finish line and make sure you enter your harvest data in Agworld! If you have any questions about Agworld's harvest functionality and how you can use it within your farm business, please don't hesitate to contact me or any of my Customer Support colleagues.

Click here for steps on how to import harvest loads from a CSV or here for steps on creating harvest loads in the Agworld interface, with details such as attaching photos.

Ryan Scheer

Ryan Scheer

Customer Success Representative / Precision Ag Specialist

Ryan Scheer joined Agworld in 2017 after completing the John Deere Ag Technology Program at Garden City Community College and achieving the John Deere Master Service Technician certification while working for American Implement in a variety of technical roles for over 5 years. He also recently completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Technology Leadership at Fort Hays State University. Ryan now forms part of the Customer Success Team at Agworld and is an expert in all things precision agriculture and John Deere. Passionate about all things technical and mechanical, Ryan is frequently rebuilding and working on cars, jeeps and trucks. He loves spending time outdoors, taking his jeep off-road and going backpacking. Ryan also enjoys working on old computers and game consoles in his spare time. Whenever he is not working, you will probably find him either in the garage or at a car show.

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