01 September 2021

Importing prescription files into Agworld

Importing prescription files into Agworld

Over the past 12 months our development team has steadily been working on enabling more geospatial data features in Agworld. Being able to import and display more geospatial data layers in Agworld is important for both agronomists and growers using Agworld as it allows them to make more accurate decisions and improve the data accuracy in their workflow. As of today, you are able to import prescription files into Agworld, which means the following for you:

Growers with an Enterprise subscription and agronomists with an Agronomist Professional subscription can now utilise the new prescription features listed below.

  • Prescriptions can be sent directly from third parties such as PCT Agcloud to Agworld. Other partners are expected to start using these prescription features in future as well.
  • Agworld users can import prescription files from any third party source via the manual uploader
  • Once a prescription is uploaded into Agworld it can be turned into a recommendation or a work order. From that point onwards, the regular Agworld workflow is used just like for any other recommendation or work order.
  • Once converted into an Agworld activity, they can be exported to the John Deere Operations Centre, Slingshot or onto any data card / thumb drive as a shape file.

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I know that these features will be very popular with the increasing number of Agworld customers using variable rate prescription files. Importing these files into Agworld makes it easier to keep track of field-level costs and profitability without having to do manual calculations or work with averages.

If you have any questions about this new feature or if you’d like to book a training session in, just give us a call on 08 6230 2290 - we’re looking forward to having a chat with you!

Ashley McConnell

Ashley McConnell

Head of Customer Success Australia

Ashley McConnell originally joined Agworld in 2015 as a Sales Representative and now leads the Australian Customer Success Team to ensure that customers experience quality customer service. Ashley has a diploma in Network Engineering (IT) from Spherion and a background in transport/logistics. Outside of work, Ashley enjoys cooking and golf.

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