03 November 2022

Introducing Cart by FarmReady: grain management for Agworld users

New grain management platform for growers on Agworld

Agworld has long been focused on delivering farm management tools to plan, manage, execute and track everything that goes into growing a crop. Core features and partnerships have supported various stages of the growing season from budgeting to harvest. But in a new first for Agworld's ecosystem, our partners at FarmReady have just launched a post-harvest solution. Introducing Cart by FarmReady - a new grain management add-on now available for grain, pulse, or oilseed growers who run on Agworld.

It's been just over a year since FarmReady first released their inventory solution Shed. In that time, Shed by FarmReady has become a popular and key tool for growers wanting better vizibility and control of their inventory to make more informed purchasing decisions, especially with the dramatic increase in input costs and rise of supply issues this last year.

With a continued focus on delivering an easy-to-use and integrated solution that provides quick, practical insights to growers, we have no doubt that FarmReady's new solution Cart will be another favourite amongst grain growers.

How does Cart help growers manage grain?

With Cart, growers can keep track of their on- and off-farm grain storage, manage their contract position and record every movement across the farm business. Recording this information in Cart will help users quickly answer questions such as:

  • How much grain have I got stored and where (both on and off-farm)?
  • What is the quality of the grain stored?
  • How much have I contracted?
  • What are the terms of the contracts (commodity, grade, price)?
  • How much have I delivered and how much still needs to be delivered?

Who is Cart for?

Available for Australia and U.S. customers, Cart currently supports the top 10 grain, oilseed and pulse commodities, with a structured set of grade and quality parameters for standardized reporting. So broadacre growers running on Agworld will be the main group to benefit from Cart in its initial launch stage.

How are Cart and Agworld integrated?

Agworld fields and crops are synced with Cart for one source of truth and to save users from having to double-enter data. Cart data will display as a frame on the Agworld map and allow you to view the following information:

  • Storage name and location
  • Commodity stored
  • Amount stored, capacity and utilization (%)
  • Quality parameters such as moisture and protein

The launch of Cart by FarmReady is great news for growers who have long been looking for and requesting a solution to manage contracts, grain movements and stored grain levels both on-site and beyond the farm gate. For more information on pricing, or to get started with a free trial, head to FarmReady's website.


Louisa Detje

Louisa Detje

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Louisa Detje joined Agworld in April 2018 after completing a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Melbourne. Louisa started her career at Agworld in the Australian Customer Success team and is currently part of Agworld’s marketing team as Digital Marketing Coordinator. Louisa is passionate about food security and sustainability throughout the ag vertical, and is Agworld’s resident expert on these and other themes.

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