05 November 2023

Activity management in Agworld faster than ever before

Activity management in Agworld faster than ever before

We just released some new changes that will make job management easier than ever before!

Why improve job management?

  • One place for all of your activity management
  • More visibility over the current activity status
  • Enable you to know the progress of an activity at a glance
  • Easily know what you have left ‘To Do’
  • Up to 5x faster for multi-location farms and retailers

Here are the major improvements:

Legacy Jobs Page

Improved Activities Page

Little visibility over field status

See exactly what fields have been converted on your activities and what is left to be done

Observations not available on the website

Observations can now be created, edited, viewed, and access a printable summary directly from the website

Actions to adjust an activity were done directly within the activity view page or on a different page

Convert, edit, and delete individual activities from the main page

Only products requirements on recommendations could be summarized

Product requirement/usage summary now available for all activity types

Restriction interval warnings only displayed as highlighted boundaries only from the maps view

Restriction interval warnings are displayed on the activity as well as a boundary outline on the schedule page to alert you and your team of any REIs still in affect

Assigning jobs to schedule was only available from within the activity or the ‘To Do’ page

You’re now able to assign activities directly within the schedule view page

Bulk updating of pricing was not available from the Jobs page

Update pricing is now available from the Activities page

Custom reports were limited to the status of the whole job

Custom Reports now shows the status of each activity within the job

Richard Kong

Richard Kong

Head of Product

Richard Kong holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Curtin University. After working as a Graphics and UI Designer in the games industry, Richard joined Agworld in 2012 as Mobile and Web App designer. For the past 11 years Richard has been part of the Agworld Product team as UI/UX Designer, Product Manager and now Head of Product. Richard is based in Australia, speaks both English and French fluently, and is an avid amateur photographer.

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