29 March 2021

Agworld’s John Deere integration upgrade

Agworld client, John Deere, integaration upgrade

Agworld and John Deere - a recap

In 2020 Agworld created a new John Deere ‘Machinery Data’ page to support the improved integration features between Agworld and John Deere. What this meant for Agworld users is that they now enjoy a completely new workflow that automatically matches incoming inputs from the John Deere Operations Centre to Agworld’s standardized product database. By linking Operations from John Deere to Agworld actuals, Agworld users save time and are less likely to make data-entry mistakes. The resulting increase in data accuracy has many positive flow-on effects throughout the record-keeping process and adds a new layer of context to field-level data stored on the Agworld platform.

Addition of ‘Harvest’ to the integration features.

When we released the new Agworld - John Deere integration in 2020, only application and tillage operation data types were supported as part of this development. The Agworld development team have recently built further on this integration so that it now also supports ‘harvest’ operations! In this new release, Agworld users now get to enjoy the features of our new John Deere integration to record their harvest activities as well.

When you now record a harvest activity in the John Deere Operations Centre, you can let this data flow through into Agworld and turn it into an Agworld harvest activity with a tap of the button on the ‘Machinery Data’ page. Harvest information brought across from John Deere Operations Centre into Agworld includes:

  • Field operation ID
  • Activity area
  • Started and completed day and time
  • Field(s)
  • Yield (raw)
  • Any product information, if recorded on the 2630 / Gen 4 monitor.

You’ll also be able to create harvest loads on the ‘Machinery Data’ page to keep track of how much was harvested on a given field, aided by the precision of John Deere operation data.

Performance improvements

As part of our recent development efforts, our team has also been able to boost the speed of importing and matching John Deere data into Agworld. To create an actual from a John Deere operation now takes less than 2 seconds; much quicker and more reliable than manual data entry!


As of March 10, the Agworld - John Deere integration uses a more secure connection utilizing the ‘OAuth 2.0’ authorization protocol. Those users that had previously set their Agworld John Deere integration, will have to reconnect their John Deere account on the Agworld Integrations page.

In addition, you’re now able to control which connected John Deere clients get sent to Agworld within the John Deere interface, giving you more control of what data is sent to Agworld. You will need to select the clients you wish to see in Agworld from within your My John Deere account.

Should you have any questions about this process or if you require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact your Agworld customer success representative.

Louisa Detje

Louisa Detje

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Louisa Detje joined Agworld in April 2018 after completing a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Melbourne. Louisa started her career at Agworld in the Australian Customer Success team and is currently part of Agworld’s marketing team as Digital Marketing Coordinator. Louisa is passionate about food security and sustainability throughout the ag vertical, and is Agworld’s resident expert on these and other themes.

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