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Agworld App update: Managing Identical Planned Activities

Agworld client Soulsby Malmo, crouching in Wheat Field

The product and development teams are always working to create a better Agworld experience for our customers whether that is squashing bugs, freshening up existing features or building new functionality. We’ve gone back to the basics with the most recent IOS App update which focuses on making it a whole lot easier to manage multiple identical planned activities.

Seeding Wheat
Field one
Seeding Wheat
Field two
Seeding Wheat
Field three
Seeding Wheat
  • Field one
  • Field two
  • Field three

You’ve told us you love our planning tool, but hate that it creates so many identical activities that need to be managed individually. With the latest release of our mobile apps, you’ll be able to easily find and add fields with identical activities when you are creating a recommendation or work order.

When selecting a planned activity to convert into a recommendation or work order, and select the option to add additional fields. We now default to showing you all the fields that have an identical plan. This makes it easy to see all the fields that have an identical planned activity and allows you to add them to the recommendation with a tap.

In addition we’ll keep the todo list accurate by automatically removing the redundant plans that would have otherwise needed to be discarded manually.

Together, these updates will let you leverage the benefits of creating planned activities while taking a lot of work out of maintaining an accurate todo list. Please let us know if you have any questions or other feedback!

Dave Jeffries

Dave Jeffries

Product Manager

David Jeffries is a product manager at Agworld who has spent 10 years in a range of roles within the business. He has spent the last 5 working with our customers and development teams to build and improve Agworld’s features. Prior to joining Agworld, David grew up on a large vegetable farm and studied plant and soil science (Agronomy) at the University of Manitoba, Canada before immigrating to Australia in 2000 where he spent 10 years working with horticulture and grain growers in Western Australia.

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