11 July 2021

Messaging improvements in Agworld

Job notifications in Agworld

For farming businesses and ag retailers collaborating on Agworld, knowing when a specific application needs to be performed, or has been performed on a field is often critical, especially during the busy part of the growing season. Historically, notifications could already be sent by Agworld users to colleagues and clients with whom they are connected, but we felt that there was room to improve the ease and speed of notifying the right people in the right way. Because of this, we have recently revamped the messaging options on the Agworld platform, resulting in the following improvements for you:

  • The changes below have been made for all ‘jobs’ that can be sent from Agworld; recommendations, work orders observations and actuals.
  • The design of the jobs ‘send’ dialogue has been updated to make it simpler and easier to email or SMS Agworld users in addition to manually entered contact details.
  • Each job will now have a ‘notification history’ overview, where you can see if a job has been sent to a user already and when this has been sent.
  • Any user that is part of a farming company can now set their standard notification preferences to SMS and/or Email, which will drive the easy notification feature built into the new send dialogue.
  • We have made it far easier and quicker to add all the relevant farm company contacts to a message. Making it much easier for applicators to let their clients know when a custom application job has been completed on a field.
  • We will also remember your preferred settings automatically on our mobile apps. Whenever you send an activity from the Agworld iPad or iPhone app, the farm company users will be automatically added if that is what you normally do. This works for both users within a farming company sending a notification to their colleagues as well as ag retailers and agronomists sending job notifications to a farm company they are connected to in Agworld. This means that you won’t need to re-select who you want to send a job to within a farm company and how (SMS or email) everytime you send a notification.

We are confident that these messaging improvements will optimise your workflow even further and will help you become even more efficient in collaborating with your colleagues and clients. If you have any questions about this new functionality and how to make the most out of it, please don’t hesitate to contact your Agworld Customer Success Representative!

Dave Jeffries

Dave Jeffries

Product Manager

David Jeffries is a product manager at Agworld who has spent 10 years in a range of roles within the business. He has spent the last 5 working with our customers and development teams to build and improve Agworld’s features. Prior to joining Agworld, David grew up on a large vegetable farm and studied plant and soil science (Agronomy) at the University of Manitoba, Canada before immigrating to Australia in 2000 where he spent 10 years working with horticulture and grain growers in Western Australia.

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