04 May 2021

More John Deere integration updates

Agworld John Deere integration

Last month we showed you how the new Agworld harvest features have been added to the John Deere integration features and that we’d made performance and security upgrades as well. In addition to several small improvements, the Agworld - John Deere integration can now be used to convert all four types of Field Operations, including seeding, into Agworld activities. Here is what this means for you:

Seeding functionality

When you create a seeding event with John Deere equipment, this data will flow through to the Machinery Data page in Agworld. These seeding events will be auto-matched to plans, recommendations or work orders that match the seeding event so you can link and convert them into an Agworld ‘actual’ with the click of a button. If no matching plan, recommendation or work order exists in Agworld you can use the data from the JD Operations Centre to create a new Agworld ‘actual’ from scratch. This essentially makes the creation of a seeding event from JD data in Agworld the same as for other application and harvest events.

The seeding data that comes across from the JD Operations Centre to Agworld includes:

  • Activity start & finish date and time
  • Field name
  • Seed variety
  • Seeding rate

Creating a manual actual from John Deere data

Until now, the new John Deere machinery data page didn’t allow you to manually create a new Agworld actual if the data from the JD Operation auto-matched to an existing job in Agworld. We have now fixed this, and you can manually override an automatic match and create a different actual in Agworld instead. For those fields where multiple, different tillage events occur in rapid succession, or where an adhoc spray is applied within weeks of another planned activity, this manual override will prevent issues with wrongly matched data.

We have received a lot of positive feedback on the recent John Deere integration improvements from our users and we hope you like this latest improvement just as much! Now that the new and improved machinery data page is much faster, smarter and more streamlined than before, it has replaced the original John Deere machinery data page. For more information, to find out when we run the next John Deere webinar, or to get some 1-on-1 help with your John Deere - Agworld integration, please don’t hesitate to contact your Agworld Customer Success Representative.

Louisa Detje

Louisa Detje

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Louisa Detje joined Agworld in April 2018 after completing a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Melbourne. Louisa started her career at Agworld in the Australian Customer Success team and is currently part of Agworld’s marketing team as Digital Marketing Coordinator. Louisa is passionate about food security and sustainability throughout the ag vertical, and is Agworld’s resident expert on these and other themes.

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