19 December 2022

Report on multiple seasons

Multiple cropping seasons now visible in one report

As the season comes to a close, this is the exciting time when you get to “harvest” the information you have been entering into Agworld all year!

You have already done the hard work of entering your farm records - the last thing you want is to spend hours sorting through data to get the answers you need. That is why we are always looking at ways to make sure that you can access your results in a quick, readable, and actionable way.

There are many of you that grow two crops in one year (EX: spring and a fall crop, rapid-rotation vegetables); and to accurately track this information two seasons are needed. Having specific crops in different seasons can make it hard to see the big picture of that year’s performance.

To bridge this gap we have released a way to now group multiple seasons together so that you are able to generate reports that take all crop cycles in that year into account.

When you create or edit a season in Agworld, you now have the ability to assign them to a production year. Put simply, a production year is a grouping of seasons. Say you have a 2022 spring and a 2022 fall, you can now assign them a production year of 2022. Now, when you go to custom reporting you can add a “production year column.” No more running separate reports…you can now see all your data from the two Agworld seasons in one place!

Check out this help article to get started

Emily Mertes

Emily Mertes

Marketing Coordinator

Emily Mertes started her career at Agworld on the Customer Success Team and is currently part of Agworld's marketing team, leading all marketing initiatives in North America. She grew up on the east coast and attended Virginia Tech where she graduated with a degree in Agricultural Economics. Currently living in Sacramento, California, when Emily isn't working you can find her running or hiking, reading a good book, or trying a new recipe. Contact emily.mertes@agworld.com

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