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Product Registration Numbers in Agworld

Agworld product registration numbers

Product Registration numbers are unique identifiers required when a product (such as herbicide, insecticide or fungicide) is registered for use in a market. Being able to record, and report on, the registration number of the inputs you use in the field has been available in Agworld in the US for a number of years already, but it was not in Australia until now. As requested by our clients, a recent update has rectified this and product registration numbers are now available in Australia as well.

The Australian ‘‘APVMA Registration Number’ of inputs is now available in Agworld and visible to all users. You can now also create a ‘custom report’ in Agworld on activities completed on your farm, and include the product registration numbers in your report as a separate column.

Registration Numbers are important for those growers that have to complete certain types of certification and audit forms which focus on the inputs used to grow a specific crop. Registration Numbers allow anyone in the supply chain to quickly and accurately find the exact product that was used on a certain field. Product Registration Numbers, in combination with Agworld’s standardised database, give our users even more opportunities to provide best-in-class traceability reporting to those in the supply chain that need it.

For customers and partners integrating with the Agworld Platform API’s, registration numbers are also supported in some endpoints. Having a consistent ID between systems that adheres to a national approval body will play an important role in integrations for our customers.

If you would like to find out more about Product Registration Numbers in Agworld and how you can include them in your reporting, please contact your Agworld Customer Success Representative!

Krista Ebert

Krista Ebert

Product Manager

Krista Ebert joined Agworld in January 2016 and is currently a Global Product Manager. Krista holds a Bachelor of Science in Crop and Soil Science from Michigan State University and has over 10 years of diverse experience in agribusiness including the viticulture, specialty and row crop industries. Krista is customer-obsessed and passionate about deeply understanding each users needs, solving their unique problems and consistently delivering more customer value.